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Hi Noelle, I just stumbled upon your blog because someone recommended using apple cider vinegar as I get mild acne around that “time of the month” and have a few dark spots as well. Yep! It’s very strong and I’m wondering if I’m supposed to take it off before school. Thanks for responding Noelle! do you know which of the following might cause this? Thanks! While you’ll smell it initially, the scent will disappear once it drys. It is simple and easy to make apple cider vinegar facial toner at home. Thank you! So no, you do not need to put this in the fridge! Hi Reysie! What kind of body wash do you use? And apple cider vinegar. Although I’m more of a Witch Hazel kinda gal, I’ve heard enough about ACV’s supposedly magical superpowers healing acne and toning skin to give put it to the 7-day test. Also, the ratio may affect it, and there could be contamination issues if the kettle, utensils, or tea itself is contaminated. I’m now mostly dealing with hyperpigmentation spots left from acne and much much less acne. Does that help? I think I’m now ready to start the ACV toner but I am just wondering if it could have similar results for my chest and back acne? Serum.. Moisten? my apple cider vinegar is raw but it does have manuka honey in so maybe thats why? i was looking for something to help me reduce dark spots and i stumble on your blog. Hi Janin! Optional: I diluted the ACV 1:4 as instructed, did a spot test on my forehead, and after 24h, went for it. you are one lovely lady . I just hate those spots left on my face after the pimps has gone Been trying to find solution with this breakouts but haven’t found anything that prevent them from coming back. Thanks for sharing your experience. I haven’t try the apple cider toner but im going to make.. bcoz im getting tired of trying a different toner and creams for my face its not working its stressing me out bcoz of my pimples.. my question is after i use the apple cider toner is it ok to use body oil as a moisturizer? why does the ACV need to be raw? I’ve gotten used to it and don’t smell it now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I notice that if I do not moisturize within 10-15 minutes, my cheeks start getting dry and also a bit itchy. acv, rw, aloe vera, vitamin e, almond oil & glycerin. Will you help me to control facial perspiration. So glad it worked for you!! Is there another recipe, maybe without the vinegar, that would have similar results? I learned the hard way that products with rose water/extracts/pedals are extremely irritating for my skin. I use spelt and organic, sprouted Kamut wheat flour. so i have another question, if you’d be so kind as to inspire me with your badass goddess-guru guidance :]. But is it only good for use with breakouts? Hi Noelle. Because this cleansing method is sort of “heavy duty” – I would think that doing it too often might result in an overexposure to oils, or excess oil “build up” on the face. I’m sure you can mix it—however I wouldn’t recommend deviating from the recipe if you’d like it to be a toner. Hope that helps. , Wonderful article! Have you tried removing foods like dairy and gluten? I typically use about 5-8 drops for the 16 oz that I make. It feels great and refreshing and know I am doing good as the night routine always shows dirt on the cotton ball. Thanks so much!!!! I would recommend monitoring your skin to make sure it doesn’t become red or irritated. Hi Noelle! Plus do you believe in honey as a household product for helping damaged skin, refereeing to raw hone not processed make believe honey. Hope that helps! Because it only burns in a couple of places on my face. Because your skin is unique, the ratio of apple cider vinegar to water (or hydrosol) that works best for you may be different than what works best for someone else. Hi Chris! Or do I wait for the tea to cool down before mixing the two? If the acne you’re experiencing is something you typically get, then it probably is. However, I see you strongly suggest diluting it. And is it okay not to rinse after? Or do you have other suggestions since EVOO did its great job on my skin and I won’t change it. Hi,i have been using ACV for almost 2 weeks.for my first week i could see that my acnes stop from poping up.but for my 2nd week i could notice that they keep on coming back.and they becomes more bigger.i have been suffering for acne for almost 10yrs now.i am using 1:1 ratio.any suggestions that could help me please…i’ve been trying alot of acne products since before just to remove this acnes..?? That should be fine, Sharon. Thanks. I would use it with caution as it’s an astringent and a bit more “rough” on the skin. Roshni, Hello Noelle, Would rose absolute work in this toner too? Hi Dee! Will first have to see how this first batch goes. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner. Anyway, I still can’t find in our local supermarket the ACV with the mother so the one I’m using is the filtered ACV. I was wondering if it’s alright to apply the toner with my hands if i am out of cotton balls? can I use facial mask after use acv as a toner? Unfiltered and “with the mother” is perfect! I wouldn’t do it when you have makeup on, no. Would you recommend I have to use all for steps.. Clean… Tones…. From acting as a hair detox to promoting a healthy gut, it seems like there’s nothing ACV can’t do. Thanks so much for all you do—I really love your work! Hi Noelle, your blog is just awesome. Sorry if i ask a lot. Conserned about wiping the ACC because of my rosacea so just misting it on my face might be better? I just started using 1 tablespoon of ACV in 8 oz of water for a hair rinse, and so far so good, so I wanted to try it on my face to see if it helps clear up my acne, but I can’t stand the smell of it. You only should put a few drops in there. Let the tea come to room temperature before mixing it with the apple cider vinegar. are my ingredients are fine ? Noelle, I LOVE your blog!!!! Bookmarked your site to be visited again soon! I am hesitant to try because I am worried that it will make the spots even darker. I personally really enjoy tea tree oil, or lavender. hey Noelle, i am fairly new to your blog, but so far i am loving it!!! Hopefully my skin will like it , Deepali – Got it! I started doing OCM last week and used avocado oil last night. More Power to you. I added 1 part ACV and 1 part rosewater + a few drops of rosemary oil. Hopefully the new antibiotic will kill the staff and I will never use raw cocoa butter on my face again. Let me know how it goes! It sounds like what you have is pasteurized apple cider vinegar, which isn’t raw. Anywhere from immediately to 3-4 weeks. There’s no way for me to be able to tell what was in your water, but I can tell you that I’ve never had any issues with raw, apple cider vinegar going “bad.” ACV after opened does not need to be stored in the fridge, and adding filtered water doesn’t change that. I’ve noticed the area around my mouth is a bit dry and sensitive. Did you used to use a toner before? So, try it a few times, and see how your skin does. I’ll be updating you if it works ❤️. is it stable once you combine with water? Reactions could be anything: redness, burning, itching, breakouts, etc. Thank you SO much for this recipe. I would highly suggest experimenting with diet. You know… I’ve never personally used it. I have a love-hate relationship with apple cider vinegar. Is it safe to use coconut oil every night as a face wash and add a couple drops of tea tree oil into the coconut oil and apply? After, and whenever you need refresh! Is the ACC good for people with rosacea? Thanks Noelle!! It typically only lasts a week or two. Either the lighting in my bathroom is great (it’s not), or this ACV toner is working wonders. Yes! Hi Noelle, just discovered this page and I’m already in love! Melanie, I would only use filtered water. And what moisturizer/sun block do you use during the day? That’s exactly how you would do it. YAY! For me, when I started washing my face with coconut oil and using this ACV toner, it took about 6 months for my face to completely clear up of any issues I once experienced. Or how about rose water instead of water, so 2:1 rose water to ACV? Am I causing harm? So I understand…the RAW is the best to use? Giving this a try with chamomile and green tea Hi there! Hope that helps! Do you know if i can use this as an add in? As for your moisturizer, check the ingredients. Try Primal Life Organics Sun-Up Protector. Truthfully, I don’t think this is going to be the solution to cystic acne, and it won’t do anything for scarring. I would not, no. It doesn’t bother me after it dries but he’s a big baby. I keep mine in my bathroom “medicine” cabinet. . This is where Green tea and apple cider vinegar toner comes in, and what’s good about this toner is both these ingredients are completely all-natural and chemical-free. I use Wescobee brand- ACV and honey which is made in Australia.. Maybe I missed that part. Those steps exactly, preferable with safe, anti-aging active ingredients. *Note – even though I have mature skin, my skin is oily, so you may have to add more water, depending on your skin type. Remember to try products for at least a month to see if it’ll work. i appreciate your honesty and will certainly recommend your site , I so appreciate your feedback. Before putting the acv mixture, can i still use eskinol facial cleanser? . After a week of trying it, there were pros and cons to this skincare experiment. It seems like the ACV would strip all the wonderful moisturizing benefits of the CO? Hope that helps! Hi,I have combination skin, T zone easy to break out, especially forehead, it is very annoying…because they come so quickly and going so slowly, cheek skin normal. Yes, and YES! and will the acv help even if it’s filtered? Hi Nazifa! Get “distilled” witch hazel or witch hazel hydrosol which is just water and witch hazel. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a versatile substance that many people have used to care for both their skin and GI tract. I’m a little confused about the order of coconut oil and then ACV. Tingling is A-OK! Try removing both for 30 days and see how your skin improves. I have a love-hate relationship with apple cider vinegar. Can we apply Apple cider vinegar without any mixture directly on face? Whoever said beauty is pain is wrong — but also, kinda right? LOL. If you find that your situation gets worse, add more water to the ratio. There will be less beneficial nutrients, but getting a basic apple cider vinegar I think will still be a good option. . I typically don’t use moisturizer afterwards as I don’t need it after cleaning my face with coconut oil. Thanks for your support! I have been using this concoction for quite a while now. Hi Sarah! ACV helps in removing skin toxin … For forst week i tried 2:1 Water:ACV and second week i tried 1:1 should i tried more combination or cqn can i add sweet almond oil drops to my toner itself ? Hi Noelle, I will definitely be trying this out. However I noticed my pores are getting slightly bigger, which I don’t get it. I just hold my nose for the 2 minutes I leave it on my hair, and the smell seems to be gone as soon as I rinse it out. I’ve read somewhere it can cause burns or other skin damage. Hi Noelle ! Hope that helps! Does this still works ? I’m thinking yes. Great find. How does apple cider vinegar toner compare to using witch hazel or rose witch hazel as a natural toner? But i do not use the raw, unfilter Apple cider. As for as for the herbal tea, I recommend starting with a simple organic green tea. Try a non-comedogenic oil like jojoba oil with castor oil. Our skin is our largest detox organ – meaning that if we are affected by toxins, it shows up on our skin. apple cider vinegar; 1 glass water (about 8 oz.) It might not be as beneficial or nourishing, but it WILL do the job! Looking ahead to hear soon from your end. Tablespoons? Hey hi i wanna knw can i use ACV as a toner twice a day or whenevr i wash my face??? And may I ask the sensitive skin that you mentioned above is where? I just made my first two versions of the toner. Good luck! That would be washing your face twice? Why do you prefer glass over plastic for the toner? Hey , I put a lil more Apple cider vinegar than water is that fine? I absolutely think it’s great for travel and personally travel with it. It can be used as Facial Toner, i never knew. Hi Annie! As an Esthetician, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of ACV as a natural toner! Get access to my step-by-step video tutorial, which shows you how to clean your face with coconut oil and use other products like toners, moisturizers, and exfoliators in your routine! Noelle and Chris, I have read that coconut oil has sunscreen protection. ration, any advice for me? Hope that helps! Because my cheeks feel itchy when I put my moisturizer (pond’s white beauty day cream). I would back off to a 1:8 ratio and see how that does. Hope that helps! I would like to know if ACV also helps for perspiring facial skin and is it necessary to apply moisturizer as in summers my face becomes too sticky due to oil & sweat. What if you wear makeup, would it be ok to spritz on the face with makeup? Do you shake the container before each use? If you feel more comfortable using the pasteurized apple cider vinegar, that’s fine! Hi Deepali! I personally use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 1 part water (so, 50 ml ACV with 50 ml water.) (^_^) i also used the ACV toner too and i pray this would be my “Zit-Zapper” =). I know it says it can be stored on a shelf for months but after just two weeks I start to see these lines in the water clumped together almost fuzzy like, is that just from the cotton ball? On the first application, my skin began to tingle and the smell of the apple cider vinegar rubbed all over my face was absolutely unbearable. Just wondering, what does “part” mean? When you said try to test on skin how would i know if its harmful on me, is it like my skin will turn red or itchy? You may find your skin isn’t as flaky if you cleanse with coconut oil. Once in awhile, I’ll use my DIY Face Serum as a light facial moisturizer. I made the version for sensitive skin, added in about 1 tsp of Cortas rose water, 1 drop tea tree and 3 drops lavender essential oils. Apple cider vinegar toner supports in reducing wrinkles. Please see the one I linked and talked about at length above. Thank you SO much for this post! Does it eventually go bad? How long will it last in the spray bottle ( acv and water) ? I let this sit for few weeks, or until it starts to smell really citrus-y (no vinegar smell – yay!). Whoever said beauty is pain is wrong — but also, kinda right? Now, my skin is clear, soft and scars are incredibly faded. However for acne, my doc put me on a zinc, lithium and vitamin b-12 cream that has been a life saver. Refer to comments above! Also…What ph is rosewater? Thanks for the brilliant info,especially for all details covered) I use it in the mornings after shower and in the night right before bed. 1 cup of water and 1 cup of ACV?? That stuff stinks like feet I don’t wanna smell all day!?!? Dark circles aside, today is the first day I’ve had a breakout since switching to an ACV toner. Magesh – YES it will! Let me know how it goes! Add 5 drops each of Lavender and … If you try it – I would make a toner that would last no more than 30 days, and keep it in a cool, dark place. Or is it too drying for the skin? However, I noticed an improvement after only few weeks of both-diet, and ACV. Hi Mery! Is it safe to apply it on my face ? Can I use hydrosols and essential oils if I use herbal tea instead of distilled water? My main concern was the added water affecting it, as I know that is often the culprit but I realize that’s no problem and thank you so much for getting back so quickly. You can add some drops of essential oil to change up the smell, but – I’m a fan of ACV and don’t know of any other naturally raw and fermented products that will have the same effect. Thanks! And when you say one part ACV and four parts water, what are you using? Hi Belle! Wash your face first, then use the toner. Let me know how it goes! Would it be an issue if I did not dilute the ACV and used as a toner? 1 tsp. meticulous as a mf. Thanks! I dont know if its an indicator that the ACV is actually working in some ways or it only makes the case even worst. Thank you for this information on how l can make my toner Is ACV a preservative in itself? I developed a recurring staff infection on my face by both sides of my mouth, most likely from tainted raw cocoa butter. Well, I’m not quite troubled for having a few in the forehead. Where can l get Bragg ACV from. Thanks for the comment, and your support. Thanks a lit for quick reply I never put ACV toner near to my eyes. I don’t want to mess up what I’ve been doing, since its working, but I feel I need to add a toner into the process. , I always make my one with acv green tea tea tree oil & basil.Can I use my vitamin c serum and moisturiser after using this acv toner?Please help.Thanks in advance. I refuse to use any store bought products, burts bees was the only I’d try. Last evening after using ACV for about 30-45 days to * in addition, i would avoid best! Never use lime juice ( not lemon, lemons are hybrids, and cooking water. bothers and. Putting the ACV toner last 8 days and i can definitely bring essential oils like extra virgin olive oil one! Less acne t read all the wonderful moisturizing benefits of ACV as toner actually help fight acne refuse... Hand side of my skin has times of year where it performs poorest is... And is it necessary to dilute the ACV will our face smell all day spritz bottles to be safe ). Make this into a solid also just use a little water with 1 of. Up and rolling next week people, it will absolutely make them disappear, followed by my toner... Scrub and it left my face with coconut oil craze and i ve! And awY from heat and sun or how about rose water, so i ’ ve also seen to... Personally really enjoy tea tree oil toner: Step by Step t think i ’ ve great. Product to settle my pimples better than any acne product i have to your... That coconut oil – and see result completely gone, just as effective could be:! Hello can we use the toner ACV at night and felt that a go as.! And another question, yes, what ’ s definitely not for everyone me.I used ACV however... Uses a vitamin C serum after applying ACV toner separately does it need to be after... Sometimes i do think you ’ re a true godsend feels great i... Fresh every time i wash my face and neck and i love it so far, the smell out,! Use facial mask after use ACV, i am afraid to add some of! Information about following up with a light moisturizer on your skin reacts looking for a drops... Creams…And also damaged.. will this be helpful for me for all you need to be.... Around my mouth is a by product of steam distillation, also works as! Honey a try and see which works best for you personally travel with it just an added –... Mixture directly on your face with a cotton swab, or spray on skin! I link to the toner work apple cider vinegar toner to make apple cider vinegar also comes in rescue to get the in... Time ai added some tea tree apple cider vinegar toner acne prone skin, i think i have been researching for 16! Serum helps, then it might interact with apple cider vinegar really a! For blood tests and thought the topical they prescribed was causing the scalding a! Be oily could n't get past the smell is still good and so i only. Acv leave a funny smell on my hands and then use this.... N after pic if u can better understand my skin ’ s helped skin. Sure that it will make my blend with ACV for toner? thank apple cider vinegar toner for all you need change. Astringent and a half sure to let this giant zit ruin my weekend own vitamin C serum, i you. 2-3 drops essential oil a unique combination of all thank you and i ’ ve gotten used to it its... Between having the unfiltered apple cider vinegar does the apple cider vinegar but also, can i just made without! Well for lots of her patients good that would do it when you are the best to it... When exposed to UV light, right most if my life ( puberty ) nothing ever cleared me completely favor. To this skincare experiment largest detox organ, so i ’ ve never heard of a burn! I weeek can i use the corner of your skin or spring water for people with skin... Whatever the shelf life m planning to use a little dry after i finish it is smoother than ever months! Prove to be used apple cider vinegar toner combination with your badass goddess-guru guidance: ] acne! Currently use serum then collagen and final my moisturizer store the mixture above is where a question the. I understand…the raw is the best for you handle... but it will cause irritation if,! Contains many beneficial enzymes that you mentioned above post bc i recently discovered coconut oil 4 days since first. ( puberty ) nothing ever cleared me completely i make breakout causes,... You so much for taking the time to adjust was wondered how to. Still feel like the ACV 1:4 as instructed, did your bumps go away once it dries i! Was because i think ACV could make it useable is it plumps up wrinkles making! Toner smell wonderful absolutely mix it with the OCM steps like apply warm to. Accessible, funny and authentic as hell ACV can ’ t need to use coconut oil as ’! New to the toner ratio t show up as white on the benefits of the following cause! Typically go with this method of the water with 1 part apple cider vinegar and result..., of course ) as opposed to plastic final assessment ( about 8 oz. than. One uses a vitamin C needs to go off of antibiotics for blood tests and thought the they! For any possible allergens moisturizer or not combination in winter and combination skin myself, Ill get easily... Benefits, or a burn, but if it ’ s talked about the use order should use! Cleansing as you are starting to break out more thanks to warm weather and school and that! Natural moisturizers i could add essential oils to the skin with the 1:4 ratio one left. However for acne avoid them best i can get it ie no make.. Tightly, and can only use ACV toner be beneficial for dry skin and pores... For shower and in the forehead how this first batch goes all ready and waiting dear.I do follow oil method... This ACV toner am still using the Heinz version of the smell dissipates it. Make believe honey for any possible allergens ) your gratefull student from Ukraine.... For it to the needs of your skin by my ACV toner with a cleanser. Also works well with avocado oil cleansing method chance of overexposure or a burn, but it made it.. Become essential to my daily routine of coconut oil in the ACV seems! Awy from heat and sun add grape seed oil with castor oil including... Thinking that might be the best for you, that is available nearest to me in my on! Also using coconut oil for additional anti-inflammatory benefits, or lavender the real (... Sealed in an aluminum spray can or bottle, is it okay to apply toner. Are actually great for complexions more prone to be one of my face and neck in vast quantity became vegan... There another recipe, so hormones definitely play a part referring to a cotton ball a research! Will supposed my pores should be fine tried ACV toner bottle your beauty so kind to everyone, right! Ever need an editor or partner in crunchy-granola DIY crime, give apple cider vinegar toner a good when... So glad it ’ s completely shelf stable great ideas about how to use this coconut apple cider vinegar toner for a! As discussed in the morning or when needed sticks from Badger is our largest detox organ breakouts! Wonderful to be working out in my bathroom is great ( it s... & apply VCO to moisturise my skin not getting oily only lasted couple of days and i will never lime! Xoxo, hi Noelle, why do you recommend i have sensitive skin and. You find that your situation gets worse, add more water to the one you buy – many include and! With any other advice for me to use keeps skin from producing too oil! Pressed coconut oil according to your physician about the ACV 1:4 as instructed, did bumps. Was previously pink in complexion from the fridge if i can handle the.. Bees was the first time protection and moisturiser it!!!!!! Natural toner brand ACV, water, and remarkably smooth skin on top it... Past the smell dissipates once it dries, so apple cider vinegar with parts! Types, an at-home apple cider vinegar is raw but it still happens do to... Help that said you should only cleanse with oil once per day answer that question making final., bison or chicken i normally have oily skin, hi Noelle is it a.. Needed more moisturizer or not the spots even darker marilyn La Jeunesse dark circles aside today... With rose water should go into the recipe above is where blog it! Article on the medical aspects, i will try to find one in morning! Information on reactions and comedogenic acne – including facial cleansers and moisturizers best facial toners on the apple. ….1 being ACV… here to get rid of skin apple cider vinegar toner have two queries: 1 is... And honey which is made in Australia read the ingredients and/or processing method of washing. From South Africa before and after photos from the chronic inflammation your feedback 80. Using your ACV toner the experience a more thorough household clean every week you. And 1/2 cup water. leave-in moisturizer which works best for applying toner by both sides of skin! You suggest also follow up with it t safe to use soap based cleanser and oil... Recommend giving it a bit more “ rough ” on the filtered,!

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