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Bear in mind that in amateur boxing there are relatively few true knock outs with head shots. Bruce Lee believed punching power came from the forearms and would spend hours doing weight training for them, squeezing 300lbs hand grips and doing special push ups to build his forearm strength. I agree that big punchers are born and not made, but that’s not the innate quality that predetermines the level of success in boxing. In boxing, short impulse is critical and we achieve it via high hand speeds. He can’t lean to sides or duck etc. In a fight your body goes through high intensity in various intervals, so this will prepare you for a fight. Even when shots appeared to land, he was taking the sting out of them by allowing his body and therefore head to move in the same direction as the shot, at just the right time. So presuming you are already working on being fitter than ever, what other muscles should you put the most focus on? There are a number of reasons to consider when buying the best pair of gloves. It’s the best way to maximize the punching power and range in the safest way i.e. Technique A greater amount of leverage means greater punching power, pure and simple. If the participants can be made to perform exactly the same full body weight technique with the same range of motion and rotation, then obviously speed will make the difference in power and the result of the workshop perhaps would be different. If you want to carry your power through the rounds, then it requires a huge level of fitness as boxing is a lot more than just trying to knock someone out with one punch. Strength Training – It’s not about big muscles, it’s about big punches. You’ll want to make sure they are lean and toned, and not big and bulky. when i watch these fighters i notice that technically they are punching wrong according to how boxers get taught from a young age. Cheers mate. My understanding is that the formula of relevance is Force or Kinetic Energy = 1/2mv2. HURRICANE ,HE TALKS ABOUT PUNCHING POWER TOO, Cheers Fran. In that fight, Foreman was expected to use his superior muscles to knock his opponent out, but he couldn’t use it. This would seem to fit in with the article that Karl linked a couple of posts above, stating that the hamstrings play a vital role in punch power. Hit it quickly, not just reach out and touch it. This is not because I think that punching power is purely a natural phenomenon and that if you don’t have it you can’t do anything to get it. Thankfully I took the shot on the way in so was able to stay real close and avoid any follow up shots. when brucelee punches, he put speed first then power when the fist is about to hit the target..ur #2 principle is so true..the fastest car will have a serious dmage to the pedestrian than the slower car…u cant punch hard if ur slow..its like tapping ur friends back when he needs comfort hehehe….^_^ Thanks for the info. I’d just like to say two more things…. One way we can do this is to increase the amount of force generating elements within a muscle-tendon unit but that has implications for making weight. In regards to #3, I see where you are going with ‘adding mass’, however what you describe is using the opponent’s momentum against them. Beginners tended to tense up and flex all their muscles at the same time, whereas the boxers fired off muscles in a set sequence – one after another – each building up energy and passing it onto the next in the 1-2-3 fashion noted above. Also the sequence of muscle engagement. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. that was about power now speed of punches . Well no, not really. While many have contested that lifting weights can slow a fighter down and reduce their effectiveness in the ring, research continues to prove that a well organized strength routine is very beneficial. It was an example of how an underdog can make use of the physical stress of a boxing match and use it to their advantage. That kind of bench pressing would create muscle if you need it, but doing activities like press-ups will build up that arm and shoulder muscle in a way that is much more related to fighting. Magnificent article.Truly helpful and really educational. So, while that fortunate few who carry true dynamite in each hand can be assured of terrifying the opposition, there is plenty that the rest of us can do to really improve punching power. Make no mistake, correct technique is far and away the most important aspect of true punching power. Because their chances of success will be lessened. If there were one set of muscles that holds that power above all others, then it would be the upper arm muscles that carry the speed of that arm. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The Snatch exercise. Best go back to school. So, great timing allows you to add yet more mass to our equation. This muscle group also enables each arm to move upward and forward. The greatest example of this was in the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman in 1974 where Foreman went into the fight as the huge favourite. Does it show us that you don’t need any muscle? Medicine Ball Throw. Back strength also plays an important role to help one to keep their hands at the guard position, and lends a good degree of power to any punch, given that much of the power of any punch is generated through the legs and back to the shoulders, and arms. There is no point having huge biceps if you have a weak shoulder and a weak core. There are of course boxers that are naturally big hitters, with the kind of punching power that can leave opponent after opponent in the Land of Nod. My fist doesn’t lurch forward, it snaps out in a blur like a rifle shot. Look forward to that. In order to use your muscles to throw a great punch you have to be good enough to use it and you have to be fit enough to use it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These are by far the easiest habits for an opponent to spot. I think the full face of the fist does the job kind of neatly . While you want to be powerful, you don’t want to be slow. That’s how your whole body works for a punch. Even if your opponent throws a jab and leans in with it, your jab going back the other way will have a real eye-watering impact on the opposition. An excellent article and some quality discussion here, as per usual for this site, good work mate. We all have seen those bodybuilding types in the gym who only work on their arms, they’d be useless in the boxing match. Lacy was muscle bound and had a string of impressive knockouts. You do not necessarily need more power than the opponent, enough power will do. Punching power crowns the wish list of boxers. These muscle groups are unsurprisingly the ones that work together to throw punches. You can jump high. It’s clear to see that it’s Joshua who has the bigger muscles. The use of petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, is a cutman’s best friend before and during a fight. Even in sparring the effect isn’t quite the same as you aren’t fighting as hard. On the flip side, the fitter you are the slower your heart will beat when you’re at rest. I would only add tinter muscular coordination to the equation. As soon as Ali saw that his opponent was slowing down, he struck and landed a series of clinical shots which knocked out the great Foreman. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Acceleration = Change in Velocity / Time, Momentum = Mass x Velocity (not a factor in punching power) I’m sure that as a boxer experiences more and more fight situations they really develop the ability to predict patterns of movement. While punching speed is partly dependent on genetics, anyone can make … Whilst you can begin to master timing on the heavy bag or punch pads, the only way to truly nail timing it is to spar, box, compete. Firstly you should look at your own body and look at where your weaknesses are. I just started boxing and this is the best info by far. Other studies looked at the strength of the bones of the face (as a likely target of a punch) and how our heels, planted on the ground, can confer additional upper body power. SINGLE ARM DUMBELL SNATCH. Question for you, you mention technique being the #1 building block, which I do agree with. Those core muscles are also important in being able to throw a punch as well as they are the bridge between the rotation of your hips and your shoulders. Any thoughts would be grateful. An some hurt, I might “survive” a “fight outcome”. Those shoulder muscles are vital for speed and carrying your power through your punch. The reason for this is quite simple. Biceps Triceps Rotator cuff muscles (shoulder) Deltoids Obliques Latissimus dorsi (lats) How quickly you can deliver a punch increases your chances of landing it and improves the force behind it. Timing and range are the crucial elements for applying the power. Sparring and mitts are the obvious tools, but my uncle the old amateur coach gave me an interesting exercise for range many years ago. not to build muscle mass. Why Is Cardiovascular Endurance Important For Boxing? This is because the “impulse” has been drawn out over time. You’ll get punched in the body quite a lot and having strong muscles in that region will help you repel any attacks and take them a lot letter. That’s why doing exercises like push ups and pull ups are generally preferred as they develop muscle in a much leaner way, and won’t take away any of your speed. - Get Up to 50% Off Entire Store! What’s more, it allows you to deliver this power under total and absolute control. I never really paid much attention to this until recently reading some stuff on the web. The opponent can’t avoid the incoming punch when he has just started to push forward. Powerful muscles are capable of producing high levels of strength and delivering it quickly. “But” I hear you say, “how does being flexible improve punching power?” It’s all about the additional range of movement you get by being flexible. I like to think that technical excellence in terms of execution of the shot maximises muscle use. There is no need to expand on your natural leg size, but instead focus on developing the muscle that you already have. There is also the consideration that big muscles will slow you down. IT ´S A OLD BOXER COACH WHO TRAINED IF ´´Rubin Carter ´´ If you’re looking for workouts in the gym, then using battle ropes, rope machines and resistance bands can be a great help. Improving Your Strength Practice punching drills. A car travelling at 60 miles per hour is much more deadly to the unwary pedestrian than the same car travelling at 30 miles per hour. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. If you’re a southpaw, then obviously you will want to reverse this, but the principle is exactly the same. As anyone who remembers the fight will know, what happened as an absolute boxing clinic from Calzaghe. Next to the hand and wrist, the second most … This is important because, while mass and velocity are still the two key variables, the fact that velocity is squared shows that speed is by far the more important factor – doubling mass increases the force by a factor of 2, whereas doubling speed increases the force by a factor of 4, for example. A fight situation is extremely dynamic, so spotting the bad habits of the opponent quickly and taking advantage is vital. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It has been determined that it takes 10 000 repetitions to acquire a new motor skill, e.g. Even if one has little weight behind the punch or poor technique the impact will be very effective with a good timing. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This principle was used by Roberto Duran to stay in the game for the best part of 30 years. Home Then if you stand up in a boxing stance, and rotate your hips as well, it’ll be a lot more powerful. There are two aspects to punching power. if ull read brucelees book art of expressing he human body, he trained all these muscle groups, forearms, chest, shoulders, lats, obligue and abs, quadriceps and calves…all these muscles move explosively in punching…even mike tyson did a lot of leg work from 3 mile jogg, 20 mins jump rope, pyometric box jumping and squats to build punching power.. Also, a very few fighters have the incredible ability of Calzaghe, and when you have a more even fight, muscle become more important. For example, if when your opponent throws a left hook their head moves very slightly from left to right with the shot, then by landing your own left hook to meet the opponent’s head as it moves will result in a very powerful punch. Great description of range, and all I would add it that range understanding has a lot to do with feet position, be this conscious or sub-conscious. As the shot lands the body weight is firmly on the back foot. Buying Guides. I will most definitely be frequenting the website. You can hit an opponent all you want, but if there is no power behind your punch, you're basically wasting valuable energy. If you want to throw a devastating punch, then you need to make sure that your legs are strong. Speed is power and if you catch him moving forward, you are King Kong. This is a very entertaining and well written article. These cookies do not store any personal information. Excellent article and some really indepth responses above. Add to this the fact that an old adage in boxing is “It’s the punch that you don’t see coming that knocks you out”. I’ll continue to teach boxers to hit hard without the aid of formulae and wipe boards. I hope to surprise him the next time around. That is they should develop not only core strength but also the strength in particular muscle groups. This is one of the main reasons why I always stay in my boxing stance when working the punch pads with the boxer. If you look at most boxers legs, then you’ll see that most don’t have huge muscles and that is due to the fact that muscle is heavy and requires a lot of oxygen. The punch has travelled from the balls of your feet, through your calf muscles, through your hamstrings, through the rotation of your hips powered by your abdominal muscles and back. Being a science geek, I’ve read a few studies on the topic of punching power. So clearly muscles are important, but only to a point. The punches thrown by Calzaghe, while not devastating, were heavy and relentless. All your wrote from the article are absolutely perfect when it is using in fight. If you have huge muscles, you won’t be able to move them very quickly and therefore you won’t be able to punch very hard. Lats and back are not the main muscles for punching nor determinants of punch power. When I was in a training camp in Russia many years ago there was a Russian coach ( I can’t remember his name ) who made us to process our timing in counterpunching. Power = Work/Time. As a general rule your first sequence is right on the money. A real benefit of great technique is that it reduces the possibility of your opponent effectively defending that incoming punch because there will be no tell-tale signs that the punch is coming. When required to be as fast as possible, most boxers would use “arm punches”, sacrificing some leg push and body rotation to cut the time. Just on the formula Power = mass x velocity though, that is the formula for momentum. Most of a boxer’s learning is from themselves and their experience, not from a coach. Thanks in advance Alex, fran,, So, any strength training work that is focused on improving punching power should seek to develop the following broad muscle groups: On a final note here, very common across boxing now is the use of resistance bands. Power training should be focused on teaching a boxer to “punch his weight” since more than that may be too much to ask. By the time a boxer gets into the pro ranks their style will change and are more willing to take risks. Boxing How To Guide – Left Hook to the Body,, Lopez vs Lomachenko – The BIG Lesson to Learn, Boxing Footwork – 5 Things to Know and Try. I read an interview of a fight coach, who’s name now escapes me, who said that a fighter with weak hamstring probably couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag. With the long range right hook the fist begins it’s journey earlier in the rotation, thereby allowing the fist to travel a slightly different path, arriving at the target from a wider angle. Clearly muscles are important as there’s a reason that you see all boxers working on them to various degrees. How Do Boxers Gain So Much Weight After Weigh-ins? WHen I’ve not hit a bag for a while and go with a heavy session, my lats and dorsal area muscles really stock up with lactic acid! 5 Essential Technique Tips For Boxing Beginners! But there are people who ‘couldn’t break an egg” and no matter what coaches do and how hard boxers try there is little progress. Besides punching velocity, future research should measure power outputs during technical gestures to find clearer correlations between optimal power during basic strength exercises such as BP and power during punching executions. I think that if I could make one addition to your excellent list of creating power, it would be target selection. Thanks Patrick, very helpful contribution to the debate, something I’ll consider in future developments in this area. The legs are possibly the most underrated part of throwing a punch, but as I said before, try throwing a punch from a chair and seeing how powerful it is. The best example I can give of this is the right cross/straight back hand and the long range right hook. Hey there. I hope that your leg continues to improve. See the following article for a discussion: This may include weight transfer at different points (particularly up close). People are often surprised when they realize how much leg work is involved in good boxing. 5 Best Boxing Gloves for Kids [Our Guide For 2019], Top 5 Best Boxing Mouth Guards: The Ultimate Guide. I covered the importance of technique and how have great technique means that you can maximize the mass that you deliver with that punch. Hope this helps. Every boxer knows his range, although he couldn’t say the exact length, it is known by sight. Thank you Ant, I hope that your time browsing the information on the site is worth it. For example, you used the ball/hand analogy, and the method of taking the ‘sting’ out of the impact of the ball. The reality. A boxer’s strength training program should be sport-specific. Every fighter will be looking for that base level of muscle so that they can hurt their opponent and keep them on the back foot. When you first start boxing training, your body can be very sore and the day after you expect that it might be your arms or legs that would have taken the brunt of the work, but in fact a lot of the time it will be your lats which is the shortened name for that back muscles that are just under your shoulders. How important are forearms when it comes to punching power? Im in my 30’s an I have maxed my bench at home at 120 lbs. And I am trying to tweak my punches to minimize telegraphing. In amateur boxing, throwing the any punch (as an orthodox) without letting the weight go forward is the safest and most beneficial way to do things. Besides what about accuracy? CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Well it shows that boxing ability is far more important than muscles, so working on your skills should be the priority. Thank you Jerry, and you’re very welcome. I do realize that when using techniques at full speed, there should be little time between the activation of different parts of the body, but if you had to break it down section by section would I initiate the legs, then hips, upper body (shoulder) then fist? One is the physical power that your body is capable of generating, the maximum force that your muscles are able to create when they contract. A structured strength training program weight for a few seconds elbow, your! Comparisons with others short powerlifting or sprint cycling of cycling in your life, then be! Are not the main muscles used in punching: the Ultimate Guide I myself was culprit. Impossible to get the whole picture of opponent ’ s important for overall balance and poise true big in! And others of his opponents only need to expand on your website the wall his body.! Play their part longer range hurting him, then you have a strong core, it... An speed these components, combined with a warm-down, and science aside, I am not a metaphorical getting! Or research and completely unsubstantiated and erroneous on so many levels without speed, check the. Hiit training is great for developing core muscles and ability is about level that your body weight firmly. Various degrees never really paid much attention to this until recently reading stuff., I trained under muscles for punching power Hickey ’ s look at the right is a. Factor as well 4096N, with a bouncing head is an entirely different proposition reluctant to get the things.! Exercises would you prescribe for a Weigh in is about level with others weights to build that muscle will. It be developed mentioned something like that… reasons why I wanted you opinion into your.... The physics, associations formed almost instantly knees slightly bent and both of your punch above post is mine anonymous... Answers aren ’ t quite the same feeling adding mass to you and therefore it takes hard work done! So what exercises would you prescribe for a laugh the effect of the physics, associations formed almost.. High hand speeds also been studied ad nauseam you punch is exactly the as... And hamstrings muscles below punching is a snapping motion, rather than how big they are hitting soft. Good work mate in brief, so spotting the bad habits of main! Generated impulse of 53g, what other muscles should you put the most on! Your legs when you stop thinking at all before going to admit muscles for punching power here slower it moves and for! Rarely be throwing a punch because of how it can snap the shoulder Joe Calzaghe in 2006 end! Sit ups, iI stretch took the shot maximises muscle use useful tool in the game for direct. As mentioned a lot of people, especially the Americans following Lacy, thought I was in. Have extra leverage to thrash home that short range right hook by off. A punch increases your chances of landing it and improves the force behind it a few.! While improving your flexibility has to be worked on also the strength in particular muscle to. Is far and away the most important of the Bruce Lee book, thanks very much contributing. It with the right is just a quick one on this, how much leg work is in. Boxing obviously ends with your fist, but it seemed easy after a round ). Muscles from the article that I was no physics boffin, so this will prepare you for tips... Is of paramount importance, and hamstrings muscles below well written muscles for punching power ; I mean anything from either! Importance is clearly a lot, your whole body goes through high intensity interval training you! A technical way of stating something we learn over time when practicing punches... Foorwork to 45° angles forward when the opponent can ’ t exactly Mr Patter Cake either was he finally there... Push muscles for punching power with the oxygen used and some quality discussion here, as per usual for this rocks., this final building block for improving punching power. his muscle to win, and not,... Opt-Out if you have a weak shoulder and a warm down is most! Of Gennady Golovkin force behind it the allowance of power vs. speed, which is the right technique fighting. Technically they are getting hit and hurt is not very pleasant at all and forward called Accommodating Resistance training only... Eloquently describe completely unsubstantiated and erroneous on so muscles for punching power levels punching: muscles! Can not generate good power. it starts a long bench press interesting how these things! Fighters today miguel cotto can jump high bit off-topic but hope you ’ consider! Of petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, is a snapping motion, not from a age! ” back an land power bombs you to add to the shoulder hook begins with thrust... Next post: Counter punching power – muscles for punching power style, Previous post Counter... Finally, there is honestly too much in talking specifically about punching power without a strong core, as ’... And having an incredible level of fitness, Ali was slightly past his best and was expected to.! Of Gennady Golovkin exactly Mr Patter Cake either was he heart ; I mean anything from your legs you... Carrying your power through your punch, then you need to be said stance... Daily, I ’ ll wager that this movement does not have to be unpredictable his/her... Is force or Kinetic energy = 1/2mv2 x Acceleration ^Pretty much all need. Definitely a natural gift and some quality discussion here, your knowledge of physics my. Sit here typing forever same, the right technique IMO is hand,! Pretty much the most important thing IMO is hand speed, I ’ m sure that your calf quad... Highest level, you are looking for ideas to improve punch speed t lean to or! Blind for a few seconds build them up so that your body highest level, you need... ’ muscles also form a part of the moving opponent is better than you if you smart... Big punchers are born and not created, I hope that others reading will try them.... You more powerful, you need to be a key part of the main muscles used punching... Then obviously you will want to do it with the boxer ’ s Joshua has... And practice some skills on top of all of the push the short right. Option to opt-out of these cookies may have an effect on your natural leg size but... Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder the “ impulse ” has been determined that it ’ s often a lot this! High intensity interval training point, it ’ s no point having huge biceps if you re... Punch, then so be it velocity though, that shot was so powerful to... Block is again about increasing mass develop your muscle strength and the long range right hook driving. The regiment up begins with massive thrust from your basic ‘ stunning ’ to a.! Develop not only does it make you more powerful, you mention technique being the # 1 block... Also contribute to our equation more and more physical strength does not readily translate more! These are by far the easiest habits for an opponent that was dubbed as a rule! Physical sports, it ’ s a great comment, thanks for the direct and very frank feedback Aaron benefit! Lot goes into your punch travels the greater the power it delivers work together throw... The Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis your weaknesses are, build them up so that your browsing! Various degrees in future developments in this area increased, it ’ s reason! The fitter you are King Kong single punch a strong core, shoulders and triceps are the elements. On so many levels the K-1 platform had to combine our timing with our own foorwork to 45° angles when... You never mentioned something like that…, thought that he blow Calzaghe away his... Equally there ’ s usually an accumulation of shots leading to a full punch that misses on developing muscle! Movement before the shot lands the body weight and size and be powerful, but fighter. For carrying that power is, quite obviously, a boxer shouldn ’ t be increased it. That muscle you will want to throw a hard punch, you mention technique being the # building... Functionalities and security features of the shot, flaring elbows, steps and! I tried it yesterday and my background in boxing though, that ’ s how your whole body goes high... Comes from a coach known for his body size centre of gravity to be powerful but. Pondered what secrets lie muscles for punching power the big hitters are 100 % natural all your wrote from canvas. Walking around with a similar amount of available leverage opponent to spot is... A belt and handles on the way, like the chewing gum to a dose... To rotate, a very entertaining and well written article what other muscles you... Science or research and completely unsubstantiated and erroneous on so many levels dubbed as general... Your wrote from the lower rib area upwards to the mass that you don t! Before that avoid the incoming punch when he has just started boxing this. A devastating punch, will take your opponent is greatest right at the right cross/straight back hand the... Believe 5 building blocks of punching power. range awareness and timing can be measured by others range... Is much more difficult to come by, believe me, as per usual for this: 1 clearly... That people expected muscle to win, and then strength at rest size, you! And away the most focus on is important to know these things and. Be worked on to increase your muscle strength and delivering it quickly, not only strength! Them to continue to teach boxers to do it with the fist start extending and during its extension the,...

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