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He served as the Maester for Castle Black under Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow. Aemon was the oldest Targaryen we ever met on the show, faithful to all his oaths as a maester and a brother of The Night's Watch. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Maester Aemon is widely believed to be one of the oldest living men in all of Westeros. He served as the Maester for Castle Black under Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow. Maester Aemon continued, "The Watch can only expect help from the Starks. As the youngest child and the fourth son of King Daeron II, Maekar was not expected to inherit the throne. In 198 ACIn the Red Keep Maester Aemon Source(s): 0 0 Sam Lv 5 8 years ago aemon is elder brother of aegon v. aemon joined the nights watch and throne passed to aegon. He served an unidentified lord until his father summoned him to court to serve the Iron Throne. Aemon forged his chain, and earned the title of Maester Aemon. Long Barrow, How Aemon Became the Last Targaryen in Westeros. Anyway Maester Aemon says he was tempted 3 times. Played by Peter Vaughan. Maestor at Castle Black and brother of the Nights Watch ... edit descriptions of this character Maester Aemon's photo gallery No photos have been uploaded yet. He has served as a maester to the... Deler på denne siden Title Daeron sent Aemon to the Citadel around the age of nine or ten. He then decided to serve as a black brother of the Night's Watch for fear that he may be used in a plot to usurp his brother. Aemon could almost hear the smirk in Jon’s voice as he replied. I don't believe they show that Aemon was a brother of the Night's Watch, merely a maester at Castle Black. Just like a dragon egg. One of the only families that still value the Watch enough. George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels feature a sizable cast of characters. The series follows three interwoven plotlines: a dynastic war for control of Westeros by several families; the rising threat of the superhuman Others beyond Westeros' northern border; and the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled heir of the previous ruling dynasty. Maester Aemon had a very interesting conversation where he starts speaking of Ned Stark as Jon Snow’s father, in which Maester Aemon told Jon Be sure to subscribe us to watch every important scene from the show. Jest bratem pradziadka Daenerys Targaryen, która przebywa w Essos na wygnaniu i nie zdaje sobie sprawy z jego istnienia. Maester Aemon Aemon, born Aemon Targaryen, is the third son of King Maekar I Targaryen and his wifeDyanna Dayne. A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. He was offered the crown quietly, but refused, ceding rule to his younger brother, Aegon. And thus he haven't even thought, that this maester Aemon could be THAT Aemon Targaryen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jon Snow can speak to his brother, Robb Stark. Mother In 300 ACAt Castle Black Born It was risky and probably not a great political move, but the – … He wants to purge the castle of people that Melisandre might use in her blood magic, as she requires king's blood, something that Aemon possesses. Maester Aemon : My father was Maekar, the First of his Name. One of those is the destruction of House Targaryen when he was an old man, afaik nothing is said of the other two except for that he was a boy and a man grown. The crown passed to Aemon’s younger brother, who became Aegon V. Aegon wanted his brother to remain in King’s Landing to help him rule. But fearing he could become the focus of a plot to overthrow his brother, Aemon decided to take the black, arriving at Eastwatch nearly 70 years before the events of the show. , whose real name is Aemon Targaryen II, is a Maester who has served the Night's Watch for many years. His Uncle Maester Aemon had told him of some issues going on at the wall and Aemon had sent a raven to winterfell asking for Tormand to be brought to the capital. Or a brother’s smile?” Reddit user sakhnini1 has juxtaposed this season 1 scene with the Tower of Joy revelations from season 6, suggesting Aemon … Scene of the Week As Maester Aemon lay dying, he dreamed of his baby brother — Aegon Targaryen, father of the Mad King. “Keep looking Maester.” Aemon moved his fingers further but was surprised again when he felt a second string, then another, and another, until it … While Maester Aemon was a remarkable man, he was not a particularly important Targaryen in … He died of old age on a journey to Oldtown. His father had four sons, and thought it … Maester Aemon is an honorable man, almost as much as you are." After Daeron's death, Maester Aemon became a maester at the Citadel. Unwilling to be used as the focal point for plots against his beloved brother, Aemon retired to the Wall to become Castle Black’s maester. My brother Aegon reigned after him, when I had refused the throne, and he was followed by his son Aerys My brother Aegon reigned after him, when I had refused the throne, and he was followed by his … I cannot explain what happened there anymore then I have, but I am still “No, Maester, everything was as it normally is. Aemon then chose to go to the Wall to take the vows of the Night's Watch for fear that he may be used in a plot to usurp his brother. Aemon asked as he listened carefully. Culture {Dyanna Dayne} Jon sends Aemon away from Castle Black with Sam, Gilly and Gilly's son.

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