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This tree is the cockroach of the tree world. . People often wonder why their fruit tree has dropped or shed fruit before they get a chance to ripen! While they thrive in the warmer and more humid south, they also can thrive a bit farther north if given a bit of protection from the winter winds, which is the case with this magnolia. Like you indicated, it is just about a daily job to keep the ground cleared out from underneath that type of tree. The seeds are two-winged papery affairs that lots of folks call helicopters. Even if they aren't close, they are tall enough to reach quite a distance if the split, shatter, or fall. Jenny is currently the Sustainability Manager for the City of Frederick. and the above-mentioned slips and falls. Thank you Gloria for helping. And the lemon--a tree from hell, with 3" thorns everywhere and hundreds of pounds of lemons that fall like bombs and break any plants beneath them. . Tree roots pushed it out of ground. Red Maple leaf on rotting stump (by Kai Hagen). Because lurking under that innocent carpet lay the dreaded magnolia cones. and recommend that you don't either, unless you are a glutton for punishment... and these trees WILL punish you. Second one very Large Oak during Ice storm 2009 broke limbs... one when thru patio swing top, one thru husbands truck window, one when thru roof of house. His favorite tree is the red maple planted up front and that of course drops all its leaves in the fall but for some reason he doesn't consider it messy. Not only do they drop the flowers, they also drop fist-sized seed pods. This doesn't mean magnolias should be discounted. Magnolias are a traditional element in southern landscaping. The seeds aren’t easy to rake, they stick to grass and in bare spots of the lawn and on the driveway. Neighbor had a fit. If it didn't ruin the blades, then it was slung out and into something else. I rated it up and am sharing. (Or from your car!). What are the common problems of each of these trees? Golden Rain Trees - horrible mess all year long. It is actually aphids that truly earn tulip poplar a spot in the top five. Oak Tree Droppings. Not to mention the sticky pollen that coated the sap and created a pasty substance that will eventually eat the paint. Most of those years were spent breaking down complex science topics into terms that citizens, school groups, church groups, homeowner associations, scout troops and others could easily understand. As a Southerner, it is very difficult to insult this beautiful and traditional tree. I was glad to leave the magnolias behind, for sure. The Lombardy poplar is another messy tree that can cause you a host of problems. If only I had enough disposable income to hire a full-time arborist /groundskeeper. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 13, 2012: Our home is surrounded by large oak trees and whether it is due to last years severe drought in Houston or not...they are dropping acorns this year like never before. The tulip poplar’s leaves can be quite large and are shaped like a cat head, a unique feature that makes it easy to spot. For the comment and the link! . Mimosa trees are undoubtedly lovely, but the mess they make is not! Elms of all kinds are notorious for dropping thousands of tiny papery seeds. The owner declared that it took the entire family two weeks every year to pick up only the majority of balls. . Right now, I'm smack dab in the pecan catkins removal stage. I've never had the pleasure of being around walnuts, but I can definitely agree about the mulberries! Photo by HQ Lightroom Presets on Unsplash. It was an absolute monster to remove compared to any normal tree I've removed. The seeds and fruit from this tree are one and the same, commonly known as gum balls (and not the nice kind). Like magnolia cones, the balls don't break down easily in compost or a rubbish pile. . Many people twist there ankles and the wind brings them everywhere. (by Jenny Willoughby). When I was younger, we moved to a farm with five of these elegant belles. The sweet gum tree is often planted as an ornamental tree. Plums--squishy, rotting fruit through July and August, squashed all over your walkways and patio. Not only do the leaves clog up gutters, but the seeds make quite a mess too. They are short-lived and can leave a bit of a mess when they drop. White Pines are our nightmare. I compiled this list based on many years of working in the field and trying to convince folks that these trees are fantastic. Thank you Denise! They’re no fun on bare feet and can become projectiles in the lawn mower. This evergreen Australian native can be grown as a tree or shrub and has creamy-yellow clusters of flowers that grow along its stems from late winter to summer, depending on where you live. However the large oak across the street from our Paso Robles house is dropping acorns on the sidewalk like crazy. Japanese loquats--filthy mess with something dying and dropping all year long--and I don't mean the leaves, which are voluminous, but at least not moldy, filthy, or squishy, like the fruit. Its like walking on marbles. Now I have an oak tree that can drop a tree-sized limb if someone sneezes inside the house. But, this tree made too much of a mess of my backyard. First they blow out huge clouds of pollen for a couple of weeks in the spring. I lived in Southern California with a pool in ground, and two 90 foot canary island pine trees. (by Kai Hagen). I grew up with large silver maples and while in spring they do have their 'wing' drop it's not much and the next lawn mowing gets rid of them. To her, it smacks of disorder and chaos and the loss of con-trol. Who doesn't like pecans? Keep in mind, however, that while evergreen trees may not shed their leaves the same way, they can drop petals, needles, and fruit, so there is still a bit of maintenance and cleanup required. This tree was most problematic from a sales standpoint because of the perception of its trashiness. Keep scrolling to learn why these trees are such a pain. I had to remove it with equipment. or they can be a nightmare. The red maple gets its name because there is always something red on the tree throughout the year. What a mistake. Tree man came saw the tips of leaves burned and knew that tree was done, lightning hit top of tree and traveled down thru middle of trunk. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Girls Dropping Panties animated GIFs to your conversations. We do have an oak tree on the property, but it's very far from the house and garden areas, all by itself. Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on October 13, 2012: @Billy--Thank you very much! Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 15, 2012: Hi Sharkye11-I just added your hub to my Tree hub. Keep in mind that southern magnolias, any variety, are very slow growers. Literlly tons of these balls are dropped every year from November to April where they clog up the drain sewers and clog up the waterways. Even if they taste good (some of mine are great), it's not worth the trouble. What a horrendous and almost impossible to clean up mess those trees made with their golf ball sized spikey balls that were as hard as rocks! The ones I see in NC are HUGE and have a waxier leaf. I hope this list will help you find some merit in a few of the supposed trashiest trees. This blog entry was originally posted as five separate pieces on Jenny’s “DIRT HIPPY” blog. 1961609 I've got a large (100' or more) multi trunk tree only about 10' from a year-old leach field (I just bought the place, and personally would have felled it before putting in the new system). Linden tree dropping stuff? Ugh! Great hub. Here are six monsters you should never, ever plant in a residential neighborhood, lest you earn your neighbor's hatred and Grumpy's scorn. When my husband and I lived in that home he did nothing but complain of the petals and leaves. Magnolia leaves are crisp and waxy even when green, which made raking them very difficult. Filthy black mold on leaves, too. Plus, the pollen in the center of the flower left the whole yard covered in what looked to be little matchsticks. Dropping tree over septic field Anonymous 11/26/20(Thu)10:48:59 No. These trees are beautiful to own, but they do require a lot of love and care. Like the Bradford pear tree, the Lombardy poplar tends to have a relatively short lifespan. My home owners experience has been a hard lesson with trees. If you have one of the non-sterile varieties, it will shed not only its leaves, but also thousands of "gum balls". I can testify to the oak shedding twigs and small branches. Trees can be a gorgeous and worthwhile addition to your yard . Messy definition is - marked by confusion, disorder, or dirt : untidy. Four years ago, I moved into a tiny home built in 1936. Now for the main reason this one nears the top of the list for trashiness. Had a wooden privacy screen put in at edge of patio. And they are home to the catalpa worm. I thought aspens were evil. The "plums of Damocles." Where there are neighbors to clean up... you will find 20 - 50 bags of these balls out for waste pickup. I compiled this list based on many years of working in the field and trying to convince folks that these trees are fantastic. The surrounding buildings block the harshest northern winds. And yes, they can be sharp enough to pierce through gardening gloves, a thin shoe sole...and definitely skin. Hundreds of cones a week were collected and eventually piled on a back acre. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Others, however, produce acorns, which are very fascinating, but difficult to rake up. Dedicated to Enhancing the Social, Economic, & Environmental Vitality of Our Community. . First, the tree is incredibly susceptible to pests and diseases. I'm a landscape architect and these are the sorts of things that everyone should know before planting trees. 50 or so of these seed pods can be glued together to form a topiary, basket, or wreath for a Thanksgiving decoration. The worms make excellent bait . Others are monsters. Not everyone agrees, but most consider that if a tree is short lived, messy, insect- or disease-prone, and invasive, it definitely makes the list. I guess they like the warmer climates. Large pecan branch on the garage roof. If you want a truly no-maintenance tree, you'll have to go artificial! Others have the potential to create decades of trouble, dropping messy fruit or bothersome sticks.So take your time when selecting a tree to plant and choose one that offers the best combination of qualities you will enjoy. Not a good idea to hit them with the riding mower either. A single tree can be covered in thousands of these grotesque little creatures (which are actually caterpillars), earning the catalpa the nickname of "fish bait" tree. LIke a window, perhaps. It was a mess to clean up but the beauty outshone it all. You get the idea. The bark on red maples is a bit hinky. Ugh! Since every tree’s gonna drop something, you might as well pick one that has some significant return on investment. I don't know how they managed to never look bare. Thank you for the chuckles. No wonder they're the worst in the messy tree department. American elms are making a comeback thanks to the wonders of science. They are perfect trees for shading a taller home or offering privacy for a second story window. Spray the sweet gums with a growth regulator (Florel for one) in the spring when they are flowering. And as a final gift, you may find your yard covered in tons of baby pecan trees. I actually read an article defending those trees, saying that sweet gum balls were soft and pretty. First they drop their leaves, then the seed pods which are inside what appears to be a cross between a leaf and a flower petal. You might, however, mind the yellow coating of adhesive sap that just coated your car.

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