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Another remarkable thing about jabuticaba fruit is that they taste delicious! Additional jaboticaba tree care may … An interesting fact about the Jaboticaba is that it was introduced into California around 1904. A slow growing tree, jaboticaba requires medium to high sun exposure and will thrive in a wide range of soil mediums. The jaboticaba is a close relative of our native lilly-pilly, and is a member of the Myrtacea family. Measuring on average one inch in diameter the tough skin of the Jabuticaba offers a tannic and resinous flavor. Its fruit is cauliflorous – meaning that it is attached directly to the limbs of the tree. Jaboticaba Tree Care. The Jaboticaba, also known as the 'Brazilian Grape Tree,' produces tons of dark colored fruits between the sizes of grapes and plums on its bark. What I can tell you is that these spherical black/blue fruit have a thick skin which surrounds a sweet whitish pulp and a small pip/stone. The tropical Jaboticaba, or Jabuticaba, is a delight to watch as white fuzzy … I would imagine one reason is due to the fruit having a somewhat acquired taste. In high pH soils, however, additional fertilization should be applied. So if you are a “new” owner, don’t forget to keep an eye on what fruit might be hiding behind the outer leaves – or you may miss the … Produces Tons of Sweet And Tangy Fruit Provide your garden with exotic flare with the Jaboticaba Tree. Despite being available now for over a century, it is still seldom seen in Mediterranean gardens here in Southern California. Jaboticaba trees are not widely known throughout the world, but these trees, native to Brazil, do grow small purple fruits that taste a lot like grapes!These trees are quite interesting because they bear fruit on old growth trunks and branches, which makes the tree look like it's covered in purple cysts. In general, feed the tree three times a year with a complete fertilizer. I found out early in my blogging career that describing flavours is difficult and at times impossible. Description/Taste Jabuticaba fruit has a round shape and will turn from bright green when immature to dark purple when fully ripe giving it an appearance similar to that of a concord grape.

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