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There are dozens if not hundreds of cheap, effective scandi blades you can throw a handle on. You must log in or register to reply here. FAST 'N FREE. Please stop posting pics of Joonas puukos until after my tax refund has safely gone to pay off my credit card bill. This allows you to enjoy a sure and firm grip of the tool, stopping the bushcraft knife from slipping off your hand as it doesn’t get stuck into surfaces. He makes a great scandi necker. Mora 2/0 gets my vote. What it is: A flat grind is a single, symmetric V-bevel -- the blade tapers from a particular height on the blade and ends at the cutting edge.A flat grind that begins at the blade's spine is called a "full flat grind"; a "saber grind" begins its bevel lower on the blade; and a Scandinavian (or "Scandi") grind begins lower still. Luckily, TOPS has managed to emulate one of their popular fixed models in the frame of a folding knife with a 3.25“ N690Co blade that’s far more convenient for everyday carry. A scandi grind folder !? To get a knife with a Scandi grind, you usually have to settle for a big and bulky fixed blade knife. +1 on the tops mini Scandi. Victorinox: Small Outdoor Master - Linen Micarta - Scandi Grind - Neck Sheath. After some feedback I made this comment: Some viewers pointed out to us that for wood carving, a proper Scandi grind is better than a blade with both a secondary and primary edge. I prefer saber grinds, especially high saber grinds. 95 First Scandi Grind at 12 degrees on each side. Pocket, neck or belt carry? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New Listing Battle Horse Knives Explorer, Scandi Grind, O1 Tool Steel, Orange G10, EDC, Hunt I have since etched the blade wrapping it with a paper towel and white vinegar. Check out, or or any of the many knife blade sites. The edge is convex. I edc the scandivex brkt ultralite bushcrafters. bushcraft knife blank scandi edc style drop point lite 8670 steel 8"- 5/64"spine. The only thinf scnadi grind is better at is woodworking/carving, but it's noticably better ; Handle shape is as important as the blade. Thanks for looking! The chisel grind features a full 90 flat on one … I may just make a small run of those soon. I should have a Tops Mini Scandi waiting at home for me tonight. Free shipping. If you're going to buy something, you may as well learn how it fits together at the same time. This capable fixed blade features a full-tang construction with contoured micarta scales. Chisel. Bushcraft Carbon Black Scandi Grind Knife. I have the TOPS Mini Scandi and, while it is a fantastic little knife, it does not have a true Scandi grind. It's a nice little knife. I'm sorry if this same kind of thread already exists, I looked, and couldn't find one. Introducing the TOPS Scandi Trekker. How is it different from other knife designs? Flat grind. The main advertising feature of the Cold Steel Finn Wolf is the blade. Color Black, NO SHEATH $65.00 USD Green, NO SHEATH $65.00 USD Black, Leather Sheath $85.00 USD Green, Leather Sheath $85.00 USD Black w/taco Kydex + sm Tek-Lok $135.00 USD Green w/taco Kydex + sm Tek-Lok $135.00 USD Specifications The edge is convex. It has a well sculpted handle and has a scandivex grind versus the traditional scandi. So far I love it. Quoting “Patriot Dan” on the blade forums: “There isn’t one angle really but 22 degree inclusive (11 per side) is a typical swedish midway edge angle for a scandi grind. $20.00. A 3 mm thick slab of AUS-8A with a total length of 3.5 inches. good to see you back up and running buddy... Any thoughts on building more Corona knives? This knife boasts a tumble finish with our famous modified scandi grind and Green Canvas Micarta handle scales. Anyway, Ray Mears was counting now on a full flat ground folder as his main EDC in the wild and on the show. To contact me: Email: Follow me on social media! (4.4/5) 1095 HC Steel. The chunk of 1095 was small and there was not much to do for designing a skinner so I saw this knife in that piece. Thanks Mel! Gear & Gadgets on the Texas Fishing and Outdoors Show, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. Also, I show you how I grind the scandi grind. Buy It Now. BPS Knives Blank 06 - Blank Blade for Knife Making - 5" Carbon Steel Rat Tail Blade - Scandinavian Scandi Grind Knife Blank - DIY Knives Making Blades 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $13.95 $ 13 . I am a full-time craftsman and custom knife maker. In fact, the Scandi grind is one huge secondary edge, minus any extra frills like curves or scallops seen in other knives. Includes a kydex neck sheath. I love the outdoors - in particular bushcrafting and wood carving. FOR SALE – EDC Bushcraft, O1, 1/8, scandi grind, brown micarta, green micarta liners, brass pins – SOLD! The Scandi grind is practical in that you can sharpen it with ease and it’s easy to produce. The smaller ones with the bottle openers? Guaranteed by Mon, Nov. 9. All of the cutting ability of a larger Scandi that can also fit in your … 3.5 in. The ones I can add to the list are. The blade on the Morakniv Outdoor is 4.3” (109mm) and features a combination grind. A Scandi grind carries a single bevel that runs to zero degrees. But now he was going to Golden: the ‘Temple of Full Flat Ground Folders’ to get his own design refined and produce and we got…. Whether this matters or not is up to you, but to me a knife with a Scandi grind is a zero grind. I'm even carrying it as a neck knife, which I normally dislike. Mission Statement. My Tops mini scandi arrived yesterday. Very standard, but what makes it stand out is the grind Cold Steel chose to use – a Scandinavian grind. 1095 Scandi Grind, Purple Maple Burl Scales. If you use it a lot, the handle will become more important than the one on your EDC knife. This type of grind… Sorry meant to show the fixed ones on the site. The creation of a blade that doesn’t quite fit in amongst a brand’s … Its a great slicer, even better than an izula since its only 1/8" thick. Sometimes this is also called a flat grind. Great little knife. Blade: 1/8″ carbon steel hardened to HRC 56-58 Blade length: 4.3 inches Total length: 9.1 inches Weight w/sheath: 5.7 oz. Handle: 4.3 in. The Mini Scandi was a result of the very popular, original Brothers of Bushcraft (BROS-01) knife. I built a small 1stick fire with it and have done a bit of carving with it. Scandi grinds have a flat section of the blade that starts at the top of the bevel and runs to the spine. (+) Great … Also, like the Kansbol, the width is .1” (2.5mm). The blade steel is N690Co, which is a very stain resistant steel that holds an edge well and is fairly easy to resharpen when needed. Hello BCUSA, I'm looking for a small, fixed blade, scandi to EDC, and I was wondering if we could make a list of good ones we know of collectively? Also, you could use a smaller pocket sharpening stone when you are on the road or out in the field. This grind gives you excellent control while still maintaining a … All other things aside, it is a tough and well made knife. … In a bushcrafting role, its flat grind will cut through just about anything and you can use the sharpened spine for tinder gathering. here's mine. Meaning it has a small secondary bevel on the edge to add durability to the blade. I have the TOPS Mini Scandi and, while it is a fantastic little knife, it does not have a true Scandi grind. This means that you do not have a secondary edge bevel/grind at all; there is only the one primary grind which is ground to zero to make the edge, sometimes called a Zero Sabre Grind. Great size, great price, only down side is the sheath. What is a "scandi grind"? Looks good... That will work. It offers all the advantages of a modified Scandi grind in a neck knife, which makes it easily concealable. This means it has a single bevel, which in theory is supposed to end in a true zero edge. The blade has a Scandi grind and a swedge bringing down the tip to a nice drop point. 5.0 oz. First Scandi Grind at 12 degrees on each side. The chunk of 1095 was small and there was not much to do for designing a skinner so I saw this knife in that piece. Find out in this video. OK. Scandi means hard use for me. The Scandinavian grind, or Scandi grind, is a short flat (occasionally convex) grind on a thin blade where the primary grind is also the edge bevel. Free shipping. As far the wormhole goes, sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. Ontario 8630 RAT-3. Anyway I'm thinking a maxim OAL of 7 inches or less. If you have been searching for something smaller than the popular Brothers of Bushcraft, bigger than the Mini Scandi 2.5, or if you're simply looking to complete the set, the Scandi Trekker is the perfect knife for you. Look up Killinger Blades on the vendor forum. 1095 Scandi Grind, Purple Maple Burl Scales. Thank you. My name is Jonathan Deering. The Hollow Grind has been a historically popular type of grind, especially in the hunting community. From Canada. The overall length is 8.8” (224mm). JavaScript is disabled. Another thing we found to be a great feature of the product is the scandi grind. 0.125 in. This type of grind doesn’t cut as aggressively, but is more controllable for things like feather sticking. The ergonomic handle makes the Scandi Trekker great for prolonged and every day use. In other words, it is a single grind only. Advantages – Specially ground spine for use with a fire starter – Scandi grind, very sharp – Robust for batoning wood – Prep tinder, feather sticks Whether you use diamond, natural or ceramic stones isn’t that relevant for the method: the principle is the same. Also the Tops c.u.b would be a scandi fit. Whether this matters or not is up to you, but to me a knife with a Scandi grind is a zero grind. It’s commonly seen in hunting knives, bushcraft knives, and outdoor knives. I didn't think it would cut very well being around a little less than 3/16" thick. Brand New. 7.8 in. We agree. Chisel grinds are strong and easily sharpened. A great fixed blade knife for bushcraft. If you want a folder, the EnZo Birk, PK70 and Borka all have the option of a scandi grind. BPS Knives HK1S Camping Bushcraft Knife with Leather Sheath - Outdoor Carbon Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife - Camp Knife EDC Sharp Scandi Grid Wood Walnut Handle Scandinavian Sharpening Bushcraft full tang fixed blade knife has a true Scandinavian grind and razor-sharp out of the box. Do you have a minimum handle length requirement? As the name suggests, the Scandi grind originated from Scandinavia. It’s a century old design adapted to people building everything from wood: home, tools, furnitures… A true scandi edge angle is acute enough to be reliable and sharp. A Scandi grind essentially means that the whole bevel of the knife is the edge (there is no secondary bevel) so when it comes to sharpening life is made very simple. Like the Kansbol, the Outdoor 2000 has a Scandi grind that tapers to a flat grind toward the tip. I've got a few knives designed to be neck knives, but can be placed in the pocket or likely rigged for belt. First thought to mind was the "Mora Knives" that were in every sporting magazine back in the 50's and 60's. A scandi grind can easily be sharpened on sharpening stones because of the broad cutting edge. Boker Arbolito Bushcraft Knife. I didn't think it would cut very well being around a little less than 3/16" thick. Unlike many other grinds, the Scandi runs to the edge with no angle change in what is also known as a zero grind. ... New Listing Dmasknife 9" Custom 1095 H.C Steel Bushcraft Survival Hunting Scandi Grind knife. Brand New. or Best Offer. The MSF is a flipper style folder (non-assisted) that boasts a full Scandi grind that is great for slicing and perfect for EDC. I recently made a YouTube video about Scandi Grinds., Sellers, Alabama, in South Montgomery County. $65.00. lauri 5105 blade (95mm length), my first stacked handle: I agree the Tops mini scandi is nice. The Scandi Trekker boasts a tumble finish with TOPS famous modified scandi grind and Green Canvas Micarta handle scales. You could buy a unfinished blade from Ragnar and put your own handle on it like this 3" Mora carbon i put a tiger maple handle with silver 1950 Nickel bolster.

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