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Yarn, 5oz, 6-Pack (Snow Queen) Visit the Bernat Store. This pattern is the second in a series of witches I am doing for Halloween in March! We quickly set that up so we could all work here.Before we set up our own work stations we had a few issues with noise in the common areas and respecting each others’ personal space. They were the not pretty berries that wouldn’t look good in the containers on the shelf. And, Im selling yarn for the companies I represent. Evan made excellent fish and shrimp tacos. Since I am at the Post Office mailing packages of Yarn at least once a week , I dont mind buying stamps every time I am there. "Queen of the Castle" This listing is for one 100g skein of this wonderful yarn, which is hand dyed in my signature paint brush method- literally painting the colors onto the yarn. ! We never need an excuse to celebrate around here. I realized about 10pm that I needed about 1,000 more steps so I just started wandering around. Well, they never set up right. We felt like we were cheating when we compared experiences with our friends and family at home. A Visit to the Past? Then I rode back and enjoyed another glorious view and had the satisfaction of knowing I had faced my fears and could do this again. We all enjoyed them and our dinner and the Chips and Salsa. Oh, and go to the dump to take the recycling. I send a lot of post cards too. But today wasn’t so great. I buy them everywhere I travel. I sent postcards to a dear friends 2 boys. Fortunately, the other house, The Pink House, has a different Septic Tank and it wasn’t affected and we could use the bathroom over there! I knit while I’m on Zoom calls. New Zealand's favourite online knitting and crochet supplies store Kvalitní přírodní příze, které nekouÅ¡ou! he cowers and cries and fights against who ever is there. We aren’t really snackers either. They are easy to send and you don’t have to write a whole bunch on the back. In fact, I threw out the rest of the Birthday cake, a third of a key lime pie, a half of a cheesecake, brownies that didn’t get eaten. I really don’t know how I did that without catching myself on fire but, Oh Well! More Grill fun! There have been so many delicious meals- we have been so fortunate. I was so lucky to have some of my kids come here to escape the unknowns with me. Here is the best part of the day! Then I boiled the strawberries just like the recipe said. So since we have all been at the coast working remotely we have all set up our work stations.When all of this started we did not have our own Internet at The Doarway. A delig, The Yarn Queen | NZ Boutique Stockists of Quality Knitting Yarn, Capital Fibre Fest | Wellington | October 24 2020, 5 Quick Knit and Crochet Budget Gift Ideas. My Mother always said don’t waste your time taking pictures of things when you travel- buy a postcard- Its always a better picture tham anyone you can take. I tracked my sleep and confirmed that I just don’t get enough. The double crochet stitches cover some of the other color’s single crochet stitches to create the design. He is a duck hunting dog! is a 100% acrylic self-striping yarn that has 5 distinct shades in each ball! I would rather buy a really good loaf from the bakery and support them. Once those fireworks went off I could go to bed. It was good enough. 109 likes. I was trying to dry him off when Evan popped in and said ” I think something is wrong with the downstairs toilet. We have a closet full of costumes at The Doarway from when we used to put on plays. Laura and I have fun everywhere we go- we can even have spa days at home! Click HERE to view the pattern! I found a simple bread recipe on line. Small Queen in SSDK – yarn stats. I had no idea when I came on March 19th that I would have been here so long. We felt really blessed that we had this wonderful place to escape to. It took me 28 minutes to get from the Doarway to my Aunts house on the beach. It rained last night and I forgot they were there- and it is supposed to rain again this afternoon. Which was just as well because I didn’t need an audience. The shop features superwash merino, BFL, MCN yarn. I grabbed a bunch of towels to sop up the mess and just about burst into tears. We ate really well, we worked, we played, we watched The Tiger King like everyone else. Narrow Stripe Rose Cotton Percale Queen Duvet Cover Inspired by that utilitarian classic, the Inspired by that utilitarian classic, the ticking stripe, this crisp yarn-dyed cotton percale duvet cover is woven in Portugal. I went to my Aunt’s house and she was quite impressed with my ride over the bridge. I had to order some new clothes to go through the season change. I was sure I would chicken out halfway across-or that I would go flying right off the side. Have fun with your mail!!! After the big Birthday was May 5th. The Yarn Queen xo, Crediton, Devon. (I suggest using the pattern color for the border). In total, you'll get 1,160 yards of yarn. It was good but, I probably won’t make it again. Well, we all were hurting on May the 6th. Caron Simply Soft Solids Yarn (4) Medium Gauge 100% Acrylic - 6 oz - White - Machine Wash & Dry. I did get a lot of scratches, a tiny bit of poison ivy and some sore muscles. And Look how nice they are- They look like they are in a 45 record sleeve. He wanted to buy 2 Marvin Gaye Stamps to send a letters to his sons. Its really fun when the fireworks go off when you hit the 10,000 step mark. Yarn, 5 oz, Snow Queen, 1 Ball. Fortunately, It wasn’t too hot and I boiled water in a huge pot we use for cooking crabs for the jars to be sterilized. we have had so much rain here at the Doarway, and we have a Septic Tank. A great way to start the day! All of these are skills that take time to develop- and we all have our unique skills to offer. I love to ride my bike. I bought this beautiful blouse last Summer and the first time I wore it I got too close to a candle and got Red Wax all over it. Didn’t have to write much but I could feel connected and he could look forward to getting the mail. I usually send them when I get home because who takes addresses on their trip and finding stamps in a foreign country and a post office are next to impossible. Create something amazing with our curated selection of highest quality yarn, fibres, tools and patterns. We found some sombreros and dusted off the spiderwebs and got excited about our Mexican dinner! Merino wool: Considered the finest of the fine breeds. Sunset cruises with Ollie! The shop also offers ready to wear items. And then you get to have some more the next day! Mosaic crochet is single crochet and double crochet stitches. We are all pretty healthy eaters. And I didn’t even break a nail! Since we have the time and we gotta eat- we have been very creative with our food. The Yarn Queen | NZ Boutique Stockists of Quality Knitting Yarn. Finally finished and ready for blo, Throwback Cardigan is on the home stretch. But I really like having my own nice nails! And it was really fun to go downhill after all that huffing and puffing. Crocheted items.... Fun kids hats, Hats for adults, Ear warmers, Boot cuffs. and figuring out what do do with all the wet clothes on the clothesline. One day at the Post Office, An elderly African American Gentleman was in front of me. And the view was amazing! Menu Home; Contact; Yarn Rep Travels. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. You may think Tequila is your friend but it really isn’t. Friends & People. So here is what I think about all of these kitchen adventures- I enjoyed all of this. Im really having fun with it! have always just gotten what ever is available and they have always been pretty standard Flag or flower stamps. I braved the store and found Ball jars. Lion Brand Yarn Ferris Wheel Yarn, Cotton Candy. and I worked off 91 calories. I think that me and everybody else decided to try their hand at baking again. It smells so good and by the time it is ready you are past ready to make the perfect sandwich with slaw and baked beans on the side. This the same DK yarn base you've loved for years! Uh Oh! There is so much uncertainty. 68 talking about this. Laura made lettuce wraps there were great for dinner and lunch the next day! She is a good sport and is killing it at her new job. The Yarn Queen | NZ Boutique Stockists of Quality Knitting Yarn. We’ve got five great budget gift ideas that are easy [Read More], Copyright © 2020 The Yarn Queen, New Zealand | Privacy Policy, Dive straight into the feedback!Login below and you can start commenting using your own user instantly. Its true. 2 skeins for the border. It is hand dyed in a … Capital Fibre Fest is our local grand fibre event! Im even impressed with myself. We tried not to be too concerned with life outside of here. I checked the statistics on my Fitbit on this amazing feat I just accomplished. I decided that wasn’t really the best way to get my steps in and made a better effort to get them in earlier in the day. I don’t like riding up hills- that is why riding at the coast is perfect for me. We easily worked it out and everyone found their special place to work that works for them. The Duke and I by Julia Quinn audiobook review — a bodice-ripping good yarn by the Regency queen There is more than rumpetty-tumpetty to this series of historical romances. 2 years ago I was asked if I would try it again for several companies in the same territory. Like, I had to send a check to the IRS- Oscar, A check to my accountant- The Count, -a letter to my son- Ernie- cause he’s always happy!You get the picture! I enjoyed the travel and meeting with shop owners but gave it up because I was missing too much of what was going on at home and in my store. He was delighted- I gave him 4. I just needed Yeast. Evan is so creative in the kitchen. I’ve enjoyed tracking my heart rate when I exercise and when I rest. I drink coffee and water and take notes. they were $2 a pound. I Drive a LOT, I make time for fun, I try to see friends and family along the way. The adventures of a 50 something year old woman happily navigating her life. He is a recruiter and is on the phone a good part of the day. ( I heard later that it took 3 trailer loads to get it all there!) I don’t think anyone will really get that close to notice. The Yarn Queen. The Yarn Queen, Aurora, Missouri. This tasted better than it looked- Rice Pudding. Kebabs! This heirloom look will keep getting better, wash after wash, is available in your choice of navy or rose and the cotton percale is great for year-round use. The Wool Queen sells knitting and crochet yarn and wool, needles, hooks and accessories. I found a good recipe online. We probably bought the right kind of drink at Hardees or something to get this. Create something amazing with our curated selection of highest quality yarn, fibres, tools and … Dyelotted There is a higher guard rail and a wide enough bike/pedestrian lane. The same with jellies and preserves. I don’t even like oysters and I went back for more! It was a long meeting and I learned a lot about the subject matter. Laura and I went to the Farmers Market- twice-it was closed one day. Surf n’ Turf deliciousness from the grill! I also had time to think about all the things I needed to do- emails to return, shopping lists, chores around the house, and Since Ollie- The Boykin- was at my feet for most of the meeting scratching and carrying on, I knew I needed to give him a bath after the call. I then left them to set. I am sure it has been on the shelf at the Doarway for more than 40 years. Don’t despair! This is my favorite glass. I send quite a bit of mail. 4.5 out of 5 stars (226) 226 reviews. Not as much is going on at home and I do enjoy traveling so I decided to give it a go. I was an independent Yarn Sales Rep from 1999-2008 and traveled all over the Southeast calling on Yarn Stores. Create something amazing using a selection from our extensive online yarn & fibre range, knitting needles & hooks along with everything you’ll need in terms of knitting and crochet tools to contemporary knitting patterns and books. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. And we sure do have an incredible place to work! Leaving the coast today. He HATES getting a bath!!! ( and wine and Trulys and Beer etc..)And everyone exercises in their own way- Running, walking, Bike riding, floor exercises, and Yoga.If it were warmer we would have all been swimming too. Maybe we should’ve just had some Coronas- hahahaha! So there I am standing in a towel with dog scratches all over me and the downstairs toilet is overflowing. It is good and people have seemed happy to be the recipient of my canning adventures. Then somebody did something(????) Unlike other norm yarn,Wool Queen's rug yarn for punch needle is thicker which will be more suitable for punch works. Evan made these Oysters with cheese and spices. I spent time here by myself which I had not felt comfortable doing for years. You know you can match up the Characters to who you send them to. I love post cards. Its much better! Sometimes I get to put my toes in the sand and watch the Sunset at the end of a busy day. They only come in sheets of 16 and he didn’t need that many. The Queen's Old Blog; Royal Court. Queen-sized bed blanket: 60” x 80” needs 14 pounds of yarn King-sized bed blanket: 76” x 80” needs 18 pounds of yarn When I used merino wool to arm knit a custom blanket , I ordered 6.6 pounds of yarn, which was enough to create my 48” x 48” blanket, so I can attest that the … I get on that bike and just go- sometimes 20 miles or so. When choosing a yarn type for your knitting project, consider the following: Wool: Wool (made from the fleece of sheep) is the queen of yarns, and it remains a popular choice for knitters.Here are some of your wool yarn options: Lamb’s wool: Comes from a young lamb’s first shearing. Adjustable Punch Needle Pen Every kit inclueds an adjustable punch needle pen the length can be adjusted to 4 sizes including 53 mm, 43 mm, 34 mm, 24 mm. Are we going to be on lockdown again in 2 weeks? We don't stock anything we wouldn't use ourselves. Sometimes you just got to deal with a lot of shit. How has life changed? And he made margaritas! Cooking us yummy food! LOOK! The Yarn Queen | NZ Boutique Stockists of Quality Knitting Yarn. Once the strawberries came into season I decided I wanted to make Strawberry Jam. actual nails! Here is Lovely Jordan at the end of her work day. The adventures of a 50 something year old woman happily navigating her life. I had head that it was in short supply but I did find some easily and went to baking some bread. He is in the yard, on the dock, playing with Ollie. My hands look older than they feel. Based in New Zealand. One of Evan’s specialties is BBQ. So the next time I was there I bought Sesame Street Stamps. { Family & Friends} { Comments (3)} I have decided to move my blog over to blogger. 88 talking about this. Well, it was a pretty day so they decided to go out in the boat. Bernat Pop Worsted Weight Self-Striping 3-Pack Acrylic Yarn 5 Ounces 280 Yards (Snow Queen) Lion Brand Yarn Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn, Chai Latte. I just know it is time to get back to see what reality is at home and figure out the next steps. It may be temporary but we will see. Not a lot of sugar eaten here. This is my work station. It really is amazing how much work we do around here. An Ordinary Mom; Daddy Shark; Droubay Family; Garff Family; Gibby - UP; The Yarn Queen Online knitting & crochet supplies store bringing you the best quality yarn & accessories we can! It was really nice toasted with butter. Maybe being relaxed, exercising, eating right and naps are helping me be healthier all around. sometimes I leave really early to get to an appointment. He marinates the meat with who knows what. It wasn’t an original idea- my mother sent me post cards when I was in Boarding School and I loved getting them. All those bakers were so inspiring we decided to bake some bread. They were delicious! Laura and I binge watched a full season of the Great British Baking show. This colorway features various shades of black, magenta, grey, white, and golden yellow. I didn’t even know I wanted one and I am enjoying learning how to use it. The Caffeine Yarn Queen Welcome to The Caffeine Yarn Queen, a unique blog here for you to explore the world of yarn and crochet (with a side of coffee!). 6 skeins of the main color for the body of the blanket, you can choose to use 6 different colors here! Specially designed for use with rug yarn. No one drinks Sodas- we all drink lots of water. I am the creator and dyer of Queen’s Yarn Boutique. She found Jam strawberries in the cooler. They wrote me back on some beautiful handmade cards. I didnt really have the right kind of bread baking dish but I found something that would work.We had some of the ingredients here. I think I was reading a book and someone had this and I decided to make it. and the downstairs toilet overflowed again for no reason. I hade made more than a dozen jars of Strawberry syrup. When Evan was in college I sent him 3- 4 Random Post cards a week. Ended up making baked French Toast for Breakfast with it when it was a week old. I mostly want to post good experiences. There were little brown dog hairs on every surface! Here is our build your own Burrito Breakfast Bar. I am going to be so happy to buy homemade jams from someone when I see it for sale. None of us are sure what will happen next. We cleaned those berries and everyone in the house was excited about the big canning adventure. Come find us at Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt for this free event, packed [Read More], Are you short on time and money this holiday season? From shop WoolHugs. Somehow, I got him clean and rinsed. He loves going in the water- what ever water, the ocean, the waterway, a lake, a river. Create something amazing with our curated selection of highest quality yarn, fibres, tools and … Bolt from the Blu; Yarnnation; Princess P; Mike & Me; Jagerhaus; Our 5 people; English Flamms; Friends & People. He put them on the grill to roast slightly. It was still a bit cold when I got here and, since the house has no heat, made fires in the Franklin stove to stay warm. Tinna's 2020 Queen CAL MoYa Yarn Kits Be part of Tinna's 2020 Queen CAL using MoYa Shimmer Yarn Kit Includes: 29 x 50gr Balls MoYa Shimmer - 50% Cotton & 50% Bamboo Yarn 4 Stunning African Inspired Kits to choose from Ndebele Queen Karoo Queen Cape Coast Queen Zulu Queen This is enough yarn to make the small blanket - size is 90cm x 125cm For the large blanket, you can … Create something amazing with our curated selection of highest quality yarn, fibres, tools and … My patterns instruct you to cut your yarn at the end of each row. DId you know that a living person can’t be honored on a US stamp? A Visit to the Past? NZ Fabrics & Yarn has a large selection of New Zealand designed, produced and themed products in stock including: Over 200 bolts of New Zealand-themed fabric A large selection of New Zealand yarns including those from boutique producers and many hand-dyed options We had a few tense moments with each other but worked it all out as families do. I cant remember how many we bought but it was a lot. I just bought these Scooby Doo stamps- Who wouldn’t like to get a letter with Scooby on it?!?!? Documenting my projects on this page for you all to follow if ya want. V naÅ¡í kamenné prodejně i eshopu najdete Å¡irokou nabídku přízí, které pro Vás vybíráme s pletařskou láskou z celého světa. I loved them so much I ordered some from them. And, I get to help the yarn shop owners pick new yarns that will work for their stores. Queen's Yarn Boutique is your place for luxury hand dyed yarn. Each colourway has their own name from Ruby Queen that features warm colours of red and orange, or if you want something a bit deeper with dark with reds and purple then you can create Tequila Sunrise Queen and finally there is a cooler version full of blues and greens called the Oceania Queen, each blanket uses the yarn Stylecraft Special DK. I decided to face my fears and go for it! Most Days are really good! Isn’t that 1 Oreo? ( note the balloons on the floor leftover from the Birthday celebration!). She was laid off on March 27th and Damn if that girl didnt have a new job in 3 weeks! We had to have Mexican night and Margaritas! Baby hats....booties All items are made to order! If you haven’t moved enough in an hour at vibrates and reminds you to get up and move! IG run by @acharmofmagpies I’ve been writing a lot of postcards to friends and family while here at the beach. They were so good! I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. That whole transaction made me really happy. Everyone pitches in with the planning, buying, paying, organizing, cooking and cleaning. The entire bathroom was wet, and so was I. I also had scratches all over from the dreadful Dog bath! So, That’s where I will be- figuring out the next steps. I had never attempted riding over the Sunset Beach Bridge. 4 skeins of the pattern color for the body of the blanket, you can choose to use 4 different colors here too. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. I couldn’t get the wax all the way out so I did a little embroidery over it to make it less conspicuous. If you haven’t seen the first pattern it is The Red Haired Witch. Some were good ideas- others not so much. The other fun things on the list that need to be done include cleaning out the refrigerator because it smells like something died in there.

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