how to drink jägermeister


Ice. This cocktail really shows off the flavor of Jägermeister and proves that it's not just for Jäger bombs and vodka Red Bulls! Jägermeister means huntmaster, or master of the hunt, a line of work that has existed in Germany for centuries. Jägermeister, it’s that seminal spirit that brings flashbacks of college nights filed with shots and Red Bull. Jägermeister meets the martini in the mastermix cocktail recipe, a very interesting drink that may just change your mind about the somewhat notorious liqueur. One of the health benefits of ginseng for males but more than that ginseng are for immunity system as well as lavender that contains anti-fungal properties and bitter orange skin that contains antibacterial agents. Ways to drink “Jägermeister” There is a tradition to drink the “Jägermeister” in one of three ways. Good for Immunity System; Believe it or not a shot of Jagermeister while you are in a recovery state is actually good for your health. The portion is 20-40 ml. I had a couple of fine Jägermeister cocktails on the rooftop bar of the circus-themed boutique hotel 25hours Vienna, which was dotted with retro pommel horses and medicine balls.“We are all … Drink a drink in one gulp. The beverage bottle is cooled to 18 or even 20 degrees below zero. But, as we’ve grown up, so too have our drinking habits, and chances are, if you have a bottle of Jägermeister it’s been sitting on that shelf … But the German amaro has … Deer blood has long been rumoured to be a key ingredient in the drink… Successive pours of Jägermeister are an American rite of passage to mark reaching the legal drinking age (or sometimes well before), and a bottle stashed in a basement bar freezer is a staple at many a fraternity house. So drink “Jägermeister” advises the manufacturer. Les Baker of Star Bar in Denver, who describes drinking Jägermeister as “like riding a unicorn stag through a field of anise during a thunderstorm of orange and deliciousness,” likes a splash of the spirit with a bit of dark rum in coffee during a leisurely brunch. Shots under him are frozen.

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