importance of cow dung in fish farming


Here we assess whether the earthworm Eisenia fetida (Savigny 1826) digests cellulose directly (i.e., with its associated gut microbiota) and also whether the effects of E. fetida on microbial biomass and activity lead to a change in the equilibrium between fungi and bacteria. Kindly advise about the optimum quantity of fishlings which can be stock in this pond and about the type of species keeping in view the cycle of 6-8 months. The common proportion is 40%-50% for chicken manure, 50%-70% for cow dung, 30%-50% for pig manure. Hi Sir, Stress/ Injury - 2 injuries. It depends on the fish type you want to stock in your pond. While climate-mediated factors have been explored within the context of mosquito ecology (Asigau and Parker, 2018), aquatic habitat degradation by animal-induced eutrophication is less explored. is sandy pond suitable for rohu/katla culture. Keep the water depth above 5 feet. The common proportion is 40%-50% for chicken manure, 50%-70% for cow dung, 30%-50% for pig manure. my pond size is about one Hectare each .can try with bentonite Powder .Please advise. You have a complete website with loads of information available. No, you don’t need any oxygen system for such a pond. The importance of the cow’s manure. thank you. 2. 2. It will be free from all types of ammonia gas and full supply of oxygen. You can use ready-made commercial fish feed which is available in the market for the mentioned fish species. Sir i buy 2acer of land and i plan for making a pond in 1acer area so suggest me i make 1pond of 1acer or 2pond on 1acer land .. Nice but need Indian species of fish and characters and information. 4. vegetation structure, tree biomass, forest floor biomass, litter fall, herbaceous bio. Depends on the fish species. Thank you! Sheep, Bee This system reduces feeding costs of both fish and duck farming and increases production. Can you please tell me how many tilapia can be grown in 1acre pond Right now you should consider the water depth in your pond. And stocking density depends on the fish species you are willing to grow. Thank you! Thank you! You should not use mahua oil cake as feeds. Fisheries..?? There was no interaction between the types of plants and fertilization. Can I get the desired shape and size of the fishes on the above mentioned small size pond or I have to construct a big one? Could you please advise for same. Please contact any expert in your area. eagerly waiting for your reply In about two weeks i would get the charge of the pond and would set it up as follows. The Global Positioning System was used to obtain absolute locations of the cattle ranches. us, it may be said that soil biology is, the door to maintenance of soil health (Kumari, relevant soil properties and enzyme activities and suggested that, addition of organic matter increased microbial activity/ diversity, and turnover, which subsequently leads to greater enzyme syn, thesis and accumulation in the soil matrix. Thank you! Occasional inversion of water will work fine for maintaining adequate oxygen. Sir, Dear Roy. Hi. I have got a very big piece of land and I am planning to do fish farming for commercial use. Kindly suggest me what should be the cut, dimension, length ,breadth and manure. chemical fertilizers (superphosphate etc). You can stock a total of 14,000 to 15,000 Rui, Catla and Common Carp fish in your pond. Two doses of ethephon concentration will be penetrated in the trunk through hole. (Eds. then I will definitely start with the fish part afterward with you. Thank you Sir , poultry farm. Please tell me the actual depth for farming to catfish. Thank you for your prompt reply. Can i success in my plan? [email protected] , [email protected] Soil organic matter is considered nature’s signature of a productive soil. You can stock about 25000-30000 fish in your one acre pond. Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks will be suitable for commercial egg production purpose in your area. Cattle dung, urine, horn, and unslaughtered carcasses can be used for preparing bio-fertilizer, ... Funtua, a town in Katsina State is home to some 100,000 full time farmers, some being agropastoralists that keep cattle, sheep and goats (Labaran and Idris, 2016). You can stock up to 200000 rui fish in your pond. So, we can’t help you regarding this. Cow should be brought to the shed about 2 months prior to stocking of pond with fish seed. I want to start a fish farming business near my hometown in chandauli uttar pradesh.I am very new in this and i dont have any idea how to start it. And in case of pond type, we prefer earthen ponds. Would you also please let me know the estimated size & depth of the pond? Thank you! We can’t suggest any specific one, because the name and type vary from place to place. You need more land for starting commercially. Sir i trying to tilapia gish growing to 3 month haw can this is posibal…. Thank you! is my decision right an also in what kind of pets i should enroll myself. For the first time while preparing the pond, apply cow dung or poultry manure and lime when your pond is dry. Complete concrete pond or a digged pond of soil at bottam or plastic cover on the bottam..?? You can stock about 35,000 to 45,000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in your 1.5 acre pond. Please advise, Yes you are right. I have taken a ponds in a lease , they are Some says also to add urea in the pond.. what should I do..? we are in the process of making 2 ponds of 1 acre each with depth of 1.3 meter. Cows dung is a most important source of bio-fertilizer but at, the same time cow’s urine, cow’s horn and a dead body of a cow, can be used for preparing eective bio-fertilizer. How long it take to grow atalapia fish to 3 or 4 kg’s I have a pond of 50Ft. You can stock about 1500 Rui or Katla or both fish in your pond. Thank you. (2000). which fish is on breeding we don’t know, how do we come to know any what we supposed to now. You can stock up to 10000 fingerlings in your 20,000 square feet pond. Sitemap | Hand, P., Hayes, W, posting of cow slurry. 4. lies between 21o 16′ N latitude and 81 o 36′ E longitudes with an altitude of 298.60′ meters above the mean sea level. I am a farmer from Albania and I want to raise a family business for growth combined carp and geese.I do not know if they can grow and rearing Together? You need to apply about 10-12 kg limestone and 20-25 kg cow dung in your pond. Land dedicated to fish ponds will produce ten times or more consumable product than the same land used to raise cattle or pork, while requiring significantly less input. He advised to stock, cyprinus (common carp), katla, and mixed ( rohu, katla, mrigal). In general, undrainable pond is characterized by its diversified spatio-trophicenvironment comprising of various natural fish food organisms (Phytoplankton… what can be done to provide oxygen for the fish, i have a bore well next to the pond and i can provide this water as an input to the pond and take 1 output from the pond to near by field. The importance of the cow’s gut. And what will be there size after 6months And you need to raise the fish for 12-14 months for reaching 1100 grams. It would be better if it has the facilities of replacing after every two to three months. Thank you! While not all cow dung contains the same proportion of these minerals, cow dung has about 3% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 1% potassium and the best part is that the beneficial bacteria in cow dung converts these essential nutrients into forms …, Respected sir Thank you! Measurement of forest floor biomass on all site quality of Sal forest by taking random samples using the quadrat of 0.25 m2. 3. i want to start with tilapia and catla. Cow dung, an excreta of bovine animal, is a cheap and easily available bioresource on our planet. I now need to reset it for my own satisfaction. Please calculate the feeding costs by your own. Measurement of herbaceous biomass using the quadrats of 0.25 m2 at monthly intervals. And the depth is about 2.5 to 3 metre. Could you please recommend a good size for a fish pond and best fish or mix of fish for a climate of 25 to 35 °C? Also can you suggest once in how many days should i add the cow dung again. Commercial fish farming has already established as a profitable business venture throughout the world. And also will it be possible to cultivate Catfish or Thai Koi along with the 60,000 pieces of Tilapia? Please your opinion. Make the pond fertilized before releasing minnow there. Thank you! I have already started digging the pond depth is about 1.5m to 2m. There will be no problems in keeping Tilapia and Carp fish in the same pond. A well drained pond is suitable for collecting fish. And give me some guides about my fault. The pond can be both square and rectangular sized. Fish A field experiment of Patchouli was laid out separately under teak based agroforestry system and under open condition with seven treatments. And also would you please possibly let me know how long it takes for the above fishes to grow into a size of at least 1kg? You can stock a total of up to 100000 these fishes in your 4 acre pond. When can i expect them to be 1 kg with commercial feed. Quantity of gum (yield) in g/tree. Naturally, the growth rate of male tilapia is more than the female. They may also require production records and an estimate of expected sales and expenses for the next … As you have filled the tank with borewell water, so you have to apply natural fertilizers (cow dung, poultry manure etc.) On the basis of the uptake of zinc by maize and bengal gram, the performance of different organic amendments in maize followed the trend; PM>BS=FYM=VC and in. Importance of Vermicompost Authors: Rajdeep Mundiyara 1, and Mukesh Kumar Jat 2 1 Seed Officer, Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation,Mandore, Jodhpure 2 Department of Plant Pathology, Jobner Email of corresponding author: Vermicomposting is the process by which worms are used to convert organic materials (usually wastes) into a humus-like material known … 5000 small fish fingerling in 30×30 metre pond is ok…? I am planning to start fish farming in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, I am planning to start with Mangur farming. Please suggest us the species in given scenario and its fodder management for the period of 8 to 10 months ? You need aeration system mainly for increasing oxygen level in the water, not pH level. dear sir, Advice what is the deep of a 50X50 feet pond. What all fish I should go for. 2. Pls can you advise where i can find some experts who can assist me with reconstruction of this fish pond. It is said that 20-25% fingerling get destroyed due to some reason, should adding extra 25% will be advantage or disadvantage. How to manage this pond its not in proper form. Tilapia fish usually reach around 400-500 grams, and some fish (such as Monosex Tilapia) can reach around 1 kg. You have to spread cow dung and lime throughout the pond. It would be better if there are no big tree near the pond. The atmospheric concentration of such gases influences the earth's climate change and causes global warming (Meaza, 2010). contact no:7709194106 2.Can I construct pond just by digging the land or I need to construct using concrete. The cattle produce large quantities of faecal matter that have been used as manure, but could be used as source of energy when combusted or anaerobically digested, ... Based on the analysis results, cow manure contains high levels of organic C, high total N and moderate C/N ratio. 1. Sir On the other hand the larger pond are made for commercial purposes. Small pond design are made for meet up family animal protein supply or consumption. Would you kindly please let me know the estimated size & depth of the pond? 4. He is the founder of Cow Menur, a low-cost fish fodder made of cattle dung. Rohu: 18000 Thank you! Hi Sir, with your guidance we are running our running fish farm successfully. In commercial purposes the pond size can be any. Thank you! so please suggest me if i stocke rohu katla and mrigal and other if tilapia than so how much i can stocke in this pond. Thank you! Fertilizers are natural or synthetic substances that are used in ponds to increase the production of the natural food organismsto be eaten by the fish. Hello! If you can provide me this information i will be very helpful to you. our visitging charges 5000\- day Consider whether you can spend such amount for making the pond or not. Whether it make any problems for the final reap. ?. I have a small shettale in my farm and I wish to start fish farming in it. It is suggested that a problem for organic waste utilization into compost can be solved.The highest plant height, total leaves, and Depends on various factors and can vary from place to place. Cow dung harbours a diverse group of microorganisms that may be beneficial to humans due to their ability to produce a range of metabolites. * the dung of the animal can be used as manure to the crops. 5. How much Lime Calcium Carbonate is need to be use in every pond? directly because the guts of some species possess cellulolytic activity. What should be the ratio of this three fish..? Dear sir, I have come across a 150 acre lake at wanaparty vill.,warangal dist.,tg. Thank you! I want to grow 2 to 3 species… I definitely want to go for rohu as the demand is high in my area.. can u please suggest which other fish will complement rohu. 1. | International Energy Agency (IEA) (2011b) T, A. Great read, but it sure isn’t an easy job to take care of a pond as large as this one is. The recommended depth is 1.0-1.5 (3.5ft-5ft) meters but anyhow not more than 2 meters (7ft). Please read my plan and kindly tell me what changes i might make according to your expertise. Compared with the other three fertilizer treatments, EM treatment significantly increased the con-tents of soil organic matter, total carbon and total nitrogen. I have new construction fish pond n need fish seed. I am planning to make two big ponds whereas in one pond I am planning to cultivate a total of 60,000 pieces of Rui, Katla & Mrigal in the ratio 40:40:20. I would highly appreciate if you please let me know the size of the pond if I am looking for cultivating 60,000 Tilapia fish. I have 1 acre pond in outskirts of mumbai .with a depth of 2.5m . Thank you! I have 5 acres with me. Now you are interested in constructing a pond in your land. Thank you! Usually, earthen pond is most suitable for starting commercial fish farming business in India. Countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines have undertaken the integrated fish farming on a commercial scale and obtained considerable fish yields. Sir I have pond 100x 100x 5 feet. Indigenous Indian cow milk contains vitamin A2, B, D, E, K, 7 types of minerals, 21 types of Amino Acid, 22 types of salt and 24 types of enzymes in an easy digestive form. I have a 30 m ×30 m pond in my farm. Temperature in oC and Relative humidity in % But in case of random gender, it’s pretty tough to guess the exact number of fish in your pond and other management is hardy. 7. Dear Sir Thanks for your consideration! Cattle dung is one of the potential causes for environmental pollution if it is not managed properly. Select a suitable place for making the pond. The chemical composition of the essential oils was evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. Dear sir Reduce the amount of feed when the temperature goes down. Cow manure is able to substitute NPK fertilizer based on the chemical status of the soil. Cow dung is a very good source for maintaining the production capacity of soil and enhances the microbial population. When done properly, composting speeds the breakdown of organic matter into a form useful to soil microbesand plants alike, reduces odors and volume, a… Please clarify what do you want to mean by artificial pond. 5. We have not enough idea about your country. If the farmer change the whole water of the pond more and more it will reduce his production. Cow dung and buffalo shed is excellent fish feed and serves as a source of plankton growth in the pond. Vivekanand. Thank you! Dear sir Ducks can eat fish. Thank you! I have read alot of the forum both english and german.there are some very interesting themes and advice.but up to … Thank you for your information. I don’t know the exact size of the pond. I would also want to know what help I could get from government? Is it possible to leave 10,000 fishes with above dimension i have mentioned?? Please kindly look into one of my other query and I would be very grateful if you would please give a detailed reply as I am planning to start this fish farming commercially soon in Cox’s Bazar (world’s longest sea-beach), Bangladesh in my land: Please guide me to start a profitable firm business. Please give me a ratio of the fish too, how many Rui, Katla and Morakhi, I should cultivate? We have stocked 10000 fishes rohu katla in one acre pond at utterpradesh bulandshar Hi sir, Hope you understand! © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Please help me create a lobster farm.I have them in our river system but want to farm lobsters.please find me a good market so I could start my farm. temp range (20 to 35 degree) ILCA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, pp. Please suggest which fish can be a good option for this size of pond and how much costing to build. That is what , i dont have any contact and same way i could not find proper channel. Will the upcoming month(March) will be suitable to start this farm. With 7 hp of pump and 30 feet of well is also available and Aandrade, R.V, in Brazil. Cow urine is led to soak pit and cow dung is … That’s good. no sir i dont have a pond now, planning to built one, right from the beginning.thank you for urs response sir. Kindly advise. A total of 24,228kg of cattle dung translates to 947.004m 3 of biogas with the potential of generating 5,114.2kWh of electric power daily. To spread 3 tons of Chicken dung on the surface. The importance of the cow’s manure. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 28(3): 291-299. Also I want to know that which type of fish will be suitable for this type of pond. But unfortunately there are not detail information about pond constructions ( I mean pond bank size,slope measurement and detail in sketch with every measurement ). (plastic liner to prevent evaporation) kindly suggest what are procedures if the fish cannot be cultivated into a liner pond. And we can’t recommend the best fish species for your pond. You can keep a combination of these three fish species. Replication - 3 1. Before discussing about pond management we have to know what is a pond? I have 1 Acre pond/tank (4046.86 sq.m). productivity of yield but also minimizing the chances of disease. You can choose any type of pond. Sir I have one acre pond depth of 8 to10 feet and I want to produce ruhu catla and mirgil I live in jharkhand dhanbad and after how many months I can sell my fish. Dear Alok, For precise professional help to your query please contact . Lastly which method of construction should I choose between concrete and plastic pond? By increasing the availability of major nutrients, fertilizers promote the development of planktonic algae, which provide f… You can also use salt. Dear sir, Coming to the point. If you apply sufficient organic fertilizer in your pond, then you will notice sufficient natural feeds are available there. Thank you! You have mentioned, you have no pond yet. Cow dung can be used for natural farming, manure is the best fertilizer containing natural pesticides. Your tank is suitable for stocking 2000-2500 fish (Rui or Katla or both). You can apply organic fertilizer (such as cow dung, poultry manure etc.) One thing more can mahua oilcake soaked in a earthen pit for one month be used as feed. Rate of gum exudation in g/tree/day.

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