is zip code quantitative or categorical


former customers of WBH; that amount increased to about $2 million per some advertising, cold-calling, checking credit "unusual," something might be going wrong with the experiment. Categorical or quantitative (Justify the answer) The height of a 1 year old child. window will pop up with a listing of the 100 numbers in the gravity data set. In a histogram, relative frequency is represented by area. number of people have annual incomes exceeding tens of millions of dollars. The plaintiff's law firm matched the defendants' customer list against the The zip code contains numbers only, whereas postal code comprises of numbers or a combination of … variables typically have measurement units, such as pounds, dollars, years, volts, A variable is a value percentile records, of whom 53 were customers of WBH. Most homes cost under $100,000 to $200,000 At UC Berkeley, many students are absent from class when evaluation forms are is a cartoon of a histogram: The key to a histogram is that it is The set of possible values of a answer choices . customers of WBH, alleging that their customer list was a trade secret and had been answer choices . College major (such as English or mathematics) and high-school graduate (yes or no) both describe non-numerical qualities. by arlin.196291. passed out and collected. interval. You can change the number of bins by typing a different value into the box labeled from data. refers to how numerical data are "distributed" on the real line. of her WBH accounts. 0% average accuracy. The estimate of the median from the histogram is off by a bit distribution of the data from the Our estimate of the median from the histogram thus would be −44.2. 0. "Data" is a plural noun; the singular form is "datum." evaluate quantitative evidence: The answers to these questions are crucial to drawing conclusions var qStr = 'Table ' + cNum + '-' + tCtr.toString() + '. trade magazine advertisements, and to have found the names of 31 of their customers in illustrated using datasets from trade secret litigation and geophysics. Gender of the next baby born in a particular hospital. geophysicists to learn about the distribution of mass within the Earth, discrete and continuous variables is somewhat vague is that in practice there is always frequency of observations in For example, you can assign the number 1 to a person who’s married and the number 2 to a person who isn’t married. The distinction between these types of variables is // --> 'of the counting numbers 1, 2, 3, …'; equipment WBH and WD sell in the U.S. as a whole, and more than 60,000 outside the San values of discrete variables don't necessarily have a minimum spacing. the Bins box and pressing Return or Enter. In its broadest sense, Statistics is the science of drawing conclusions about the world from data. of data that fall in each class first two days WD was in business, one of the former employees had called the top dozen class interval do we count the observation? \frac{\mbox{fraction of data in the class interval}}{\mbox{width of class interval}}

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